3 Ways to Follow Jim's Rohn Advices with Android

por Violeta León

   One advice from Jim Rohn is "don't be lazy in learning"; this is the main reason why I want to share with you some apps that you can use to improve your life, increase your money and be a better you. Do you have an Android device? You will need it to follow these tips.

    The first advice is: "learn a new word everyday". Your vocabulary will have value once you learn every day a new word. How can you do it, easy and quick, but effective? Download from the android play store: Word of the day. So everyday, you can click on the app and read the word of the day. Easy, you don't have to look it, just read the one goes to each day. Don't skip days, you will feel a lot better with each word. Experts say "is better to read before going to sleep" that's because you will retain the information a lot easier than if you do it on the morning when you have to go to work. 

    The second advice is: "read at least 20 minutes every day". I downloaded UB Reader app on android; it allows to read in a lot of formats (not only pdf) so there's no excuses to read the book you want. I search free ebooks on: http://www.freebookspot.es/ It will help you to improve on those areas in your life you are interested in getting into a big level. It wasn't the end of the week when I already read a entire book. I was inspired, with new ideas to develop. You can live a life motivated, dreaming and putting actions on thoughts that worth to become real. 

    The third advice, I'll say is the most fun: "learn a new language," he also said: "for each language you learn you can add a zero to your account" it means you will be earning from a million, billions and more from each language. You will travel, you will write books, notes, and learning a new language will bring you a new perspective of life and give you a new ability, I downloaded doulingo on my smartphone, it has a menu that allows you to select how much you want to learn each day, I started with 10 minutes every day; my son is so happy leaning with me too, because is fun to repeat new words, translate, watch a new way to communicate. But I also downloaded on android: ChineseSkill. It needs more practice, but is so much worthy, these days Chinesse has a big influence on business; learning it will be a tool with a lot of value for you. 

   Can you imagine who will you become if you start today with these three simple habits? Is almost 30 minutes a day to become more value or to be attractive to money. Remember "the mayor key to success is you"

Inspired by Jim Rohn.

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