How to Organize, Clean, And Keep Your Home Spotless

by Violeta León

    If you are looking a way to have a better you, this book isn't really about cleaning a house. The book is all about advices to make you be better, how to buy (in a way is how not to throw money away) and how to have a new habit. The author BJ Knights in a clever way turns our desire to keep a home spotless into have a spotless life. Can be possible? Is an absolute yes, we can be better each day. If you want to read the book you can dowload it here.

    I'll add some ideas too. Takes two months to create a habit. But the most difficult is dealing with our own head, our thoughts telling us the opposite we want to do. It's like our inner don't want us to be happy or clean or organize. You may ask, why? and from my point of view is the fear of success talking. Sounds kind of silly, most of us wants to change, but we fear what could or would happen if we truly get better. What will come next? into what kind of person will I become? will I be happy? will the people I love still be with me after the shift?

    Well, as long as you feel you are going to be better than you were yesterday, I must say: go ahead! family or friends will be there when you get a better version of you; if they aren't is their problem, not yours. This war is to yourself, everyday, you must tell you "the mayor key to success is me" (according to Jim Rhon) and start cleaning every aspect of your life. You don't have to do it in one day, you can make little goals each day, when you realize you already have all done. But you must create the habit.

    If money is one of your biggest problems, from experience I'll tell you this kind of secret: don't ever worry about money again. Worry about getting the best of you. Today, take a long bath, enjoy it, eat what you like, slowly, that your body feels alive with the food. Get yourself clean and good looking. At the mirror, smile, give you motivation. Think what you want to achieve this day and keep it in mind. Make a list of goals, list of things to do and things to buy. Get time to read (even if is 20 min). Learn a new word and specially do something that improve your skills. You can cheat this way: I spend my 20 minutes reading a book that can improve my abilities. The most important is the start; I still forget actions I want to do that can make me an average person, but I'm in peace, because I know that I keep trying; the next day I add the things I forgot, till comes the day I'll be just the best me. It's not about being perfect, is about never quitting dreams, goals and actions. When you get to be a better you, money will be by your side; but if you keep paying attention to money more than you do to yourself, you will end up without both.

You are not alone!

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