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Sometimes, we feel like we don't know how to make money online. There are too many websites where you can earn money, but you just don't know-how. Or maybe, you've tried with no result at all. Well, no worries my friends, I've been there, but today I have a completely different approach. I understand how the internet works and how you can earn the most from each page. I'll bring you ideas of what you can do, so you can choose the one you like the most, or you get inspired and start creating your way on the internet. So, let's get started.

What you will find on this article:

Make money using your social media account.

First, you need to create a social media account based on one and only one topic. For example, pets, babies, gifts for her, gaming pc. That's because the audience will understand that you only publish content related to that subject. If you are more specific, it will be better. For example, gaming pc on a budget, dogs only, Kawai accessories, building small houses, backyard decor. These topics will help you reach an audience that is almost ready to buy because they are already looking for specific content. Or they like that subject enough that if you suggest a great product they most likely buy it.

I will teach you several ways to earn money from your social media. Let's begin with sponsorship. People think that working for a brand is a huge step. But it turns out it is a simple process. All you need is to create your account within one topic. For example, if you created the Instagram account based on dogs only, brands related to food for dogs, healthcare for dogs, dog's clothing will be interested in promoting their products with you. If your topic is too wide, they probably don't invest in your account because their product won't have a high possibility of being sold.

You won't need to lie about your numbers. Grow your social media account organically. Learn when is the best time of the day to publish, keep your post consistently. People will follow good content and that's your goal. Now, you probably are wondering how a brand will call you. That's the easiest. I have 3 options that will connect your social media account with sponsorship related to your topic. Let's name them.

  1. Coobis. You can sign up for an account and create your profile. Coobis works with Twitter, Facebook Fan pages, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. Daily they will update how many followers you have and your engagement rate. All brands will see that information. If they like your account, they will reach out. Coobis will handle all communications between the brand and you. They pay through PayPal. If a brand connects with you, you will receive all the information about what they want and the days you have available to complete the task. You can accept or not the offer. I've worked with brands on this site, and everything went perfectly. It's amazing how easy it is to earn money with your social media accounts.

  2. Publisuites. This site is more oriented to Twitter users and writers such as bloggers or copyeditors. You can earn money from brands that pay for a sponsored tweet or blog post. You can promote your link and earn more money for each sale you make. The benefit is that the page still handles all negotiations, including payments and deadlines. You have to focus on creating the content within their guidance, and you'll earn money. This website also pays with PayPal. If you don't have a blog or a Twitter account, you can still test your writing abilities on Publisuites, and they will find you posts to write. The client will publish on their website what you wrote, and you'll receive the payment.

  3. Socialpubli. You can earn money from TikTok and Whatsapp as well. How awesome is that?. Other social media they work with is blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. They won't ask you for a million followers. They just want real social media accounts, with real organic traffic. Socialpubli works with Amazon, Burger King, BMW, eBay, Wallapop, and many other big companies. The process is the same as the previous two. You create an account. Log in to your social media, and the website will reach out to you when there is available work to do.

You can sign up on the three websites to increase your chances of earning money with your social media account. But don't forget to keep growing and building the social media of your choice, to have better chances of a brand connecting to you. If a brand sees that you publish any other day, they won't hire you. They look for active accounts that publish a minimum of twice a week (depending on the social media we are talking about). Don't try to hack the system by doing follow for following. Let your account grow naturally, and people will engage over time. The more engagement you gain, the better your account is for brands.

You can schedule your post, and plan ahead of time what will appear on an entire month. These tools are desktop tools. For example, the Facebook business manager allows you to schedule Instagram and Facebook posts. Tailwind allows you to plan Pinterest content ahead of time. Twitter from desktop allows you to schedule your timeline as well. This becomes handy because you can plan your entire month of publishing content in just a week and use the rest of the month for other jobs. Like writing a book or blog.

Earn money on Twitter with Cryptocurrency

These days people have gone crazy about cryptocurrency. But if you still don't want to invest your money, don't worry. You can still earn money from the topic. Let's create a Twitter account with a cryptocurrency name. This Twitter account only will publish content related to cryptocurrency, like bitcoin news, NFT news, etc. To find the topics, you can use websites like Reader's Digest, where you can tweet relevant news. To gain followers fast, start retweeting relevant information about cryptocurrency as well. Now, let's make some money.

I have three options to earn money. The first is to promote Airtm. You will earn a commission every time a referral exchange money. On Airtm people can exchange their cryptocurrency to gift cards, PayPal, or money to their bank account. They can also buy phone recharges with their cryptocurrency. This page works worldwide, that's a huge advantage as you won't have to worry about where is your audience from.

The second option is Bitrefill. People often hear about cryptocurrency, but they don't know how to spend the money. Well, that's Bitrefill. An incredible website that offers a huge list of gifts cards from all over the world. You can also pay your phone bill using cryptos. Their gift card list includes famous websites such as Skype, Fortnite, Amazon, Uber Eats, The Home Depot, Twitch, Playstation, Apple, Google Play, and more. Every time a referral spends $50 you will earn $5. All you have to do is keep promoting every day their website with your referral link on Twitter.

You must keep posting relevant news and information about cryptocurrency to get known. Then people will start following you. Retweet as much as you can other people's relevant information, and then promote a tweet per page. Be as creative as possible. For example, you can create a tweet that says: "Valentine's day is coming, do you have your girlfriend's gifts? Use "bitrefill link" and buy her a gift card! She can spend it how she likes the most". Use gifs and images related to bitcoin to call people's attention to your tweets.

The third option is using Fiverr affiliates. You can promote Fiverr services and earn money for each sale you make. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are many services available. For example, services that create coins and tokens. People that create your coin like bitcoin but the way you want it. Other, offers the services to design your NFT project. You can promote tons of services on your cryptocurrency Twitter account and earn money from others' work.

Avoid looking spammy. You have to keep a balance where you show news, updates and then promote a service or a product. When you retweet, it shows that you care about others, but keep it relevant. Don't waste people's attention by showing a tweet that doesn't help. You can also create polls. For example, you can create a poll asking what is their favorite cryptocurrency. Then you have an idea of what your audience likes the most and promote services related. On the other hand, use relevant hashtags. You can research the hashtags for cryptocurrency and use them. But don't use a trending hashtag that isn't relevant to the content because people will take it as spam. You can lose your account due to spam behavior. Don't repeat the same tweet. Change it a bit, because using the same tweet over, and over it will be taken as spam.

You can sign up for the sponsored opportunity as well, and tag your account into cryptocurrencies. Use the websites I mentioned here. That will increase your chances of getting more money with the same account. You can use Hootsuite as a twitter manager and schedule your tweets. Hootsuite also works with other websites that suggest content, you can benefit from it as well. Another schedule app I like is Buffer. Both works like a charm when it comes to Twitter management.

I hope by this moment, you are excited by the idea, or you can carry out the same advice with another topic. My account is about books, and writers. I publish book reviews, promote books, and tools. You can check it out here. You will notice I used all the steps explained here. I've been on Twitter since 2010, so I know what I'm talking about. It's a great opportunity you have in front and a topic that people are looking for!. Cryptocurrencies rules this year.

Create your digital products to sell on Instagram

Instagram has become the place to showcase your talents. If you are a photographer, you can show your best pictures. If you are a musician, you can upload videos of your songs. If you are a designer, your profile can showcase what you've done. That's an amazing opportunity to create your products and sell them on Instagram. Let me explain how it works.

We are going to use Payhip. It is a platform where you can create your store of digital products. For example, you can sell your songs, books, filters, photographs, software, templates, and more. The page will receive your client payment, and immediately the client will receive your product. You will only have to set up the store properly. You won't have to deal with payment methods or issues. You can make sales even when you sleep. It is an automated process. You make a sell, and the client after payment will receive your product.

All you need to do is create awesome products to sell. For example, if you are a writer, you can create beautiful sharable Instagram photos with quotes from your books. People will love it and will want to buy your book. If you are a programmer, you can make videos about your software. If you know how to make Instagram filters, you can fill your profile with pictures showcasing your filters. On your Instagram bio, set up the link to your payhip store. You can use the link featured in your stories.

What I like the most about Payhip, is that you can make a store based on your digital products. You can get as creative as you want, and sell tons of products. For example, you can sell templates. Templates for Instagram stories, templates for YouTube banners, templates for word, templates for cv, templates for graphic designs, templates for logos, templates for food recipes. You can create your classes or tutorials. You can show the first class for free on Instagram, and if people like it, they can buy the full course on your store at payhip. Where you can also sell the book related to the class.

Take your time to create awesome products. Then you can start promoting on Instagram. You can use the Facebook business manager to schedule your post. You will have more time to create new products while promoting the ones already published. Use all Instagrams features to promote your store. Use stories, posts, videos, reels, comments on others people's profiles. Engage, and connect. Use your creative self to have an outstanding Instagram profile and Payhip store. That's the key to driving tons of sales.

Don't let your mind stop you from trying just because you don't have people following you at this moment. When someone opens a store in a shopping center, that person starts without having clients. There is no difference with a digital store. We all start with no clients at all. That's why it is called a start. But it will change once you begin showing what you do. Be patient, build an awesome product, and account. You will succeed. That's for sure.

As easy as it sounds, you can make money online solving CAPTCHA. I had used 2captcha and protypers, but let me tell you, the advantages Kolotibablo has, are unique, and make it the top one, when it comes to CAPTCHA solving. It gives you bonuses for carry out different levels in the platform, that makes you feel they value your work. The more you solve CAPTCHA, more money you earn.

I felt in love with the skip button, this way you can avoid the CAPTCHA you really don't understand, even when the CAPTCHA they use are easy to keep with 100% of accuracy. The referral link pays you 10% of what your friends earn in the platform each month.

These days, Kolotibablo team added several new easy task to earn even more money:
  • Translations english to spanish.
  • Set like to a tweet.
  • Evaluate correctness of captcha entries.
  • Judge screenshots as jobs accompishment confirmations.
  • Find every object on image and make bounding box for it.
  • Craigslist leads phone numbers, copy and paste.

catcha solving

It has a window app where you can earn 20% more money than solving the CAPTCHA via website. And if you have an android device you can download on the playstore their app. It works perfectly and fast.

earn money from your smartphone

Kolotibablo pays through Payza, Advcash, CryptoSwapp, Litecoin and Capitalist, and the best is that you can send money to another user. This way is even easier to get to the minimum for payout, because you can build a team with a close friend. It does pay as quickly as they promise, I ask payment through payza, to build trust with the website and here are the payment proof. Step by step.

kolotiblo payment proof process

when you reach the minimum amount to cash out

kolotiblo payment proof process

when you ask to send your money via payza

kolotiblo payment proof process

when you receive your money in payza

kolotiblo payment proof process

Payment Proof from Kolotibablo

I recommend to wait and cash from 5$ because, payza only exchange dolar to bitcoin once you get to 20$ in the account. Even when there are many exchangers, the minimum rate is 20$ each. Now I have 1$ waiting for more to join it.

how to make money online

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