How To Start Your Handmade Jewelry Business with $200 Budget?

by Violeta León

   It is exciting to start your own handmade jewelry business. The creative process within makes it so awesome. You can build different bracelets and even with the same materials, two won't look exactly the same, its original. You get to combine colors, materials, study trends and even relax while creating a new Jewelry design. Some says it's the best hobby ever, I must agree. You connect with your inner creativity while you create a unique piece that would last trough time and you don't even have to leave your house to get started!.

   The first step to start your handmade business is to select what type of jewelry you want to do. There is a big variety of niches you can get into, divided by age and sex. For example, little girls, teenagers, men, woman. It's very important because that will decide the materials you'll need to buy to start making your own collection. You can make:
  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Crystal Pearl Jewelry
  • Bracelets (for couples, for friends, for woman, for teens or little girls)
  • Brooches
  • Earrings (non-pierce, hoops, chandelier, drops and feather earrings)
  • Hip Hop Jewelry (for men)
  • Necklaces
  • Necklaces Sets
   Once you focus on one niche to start your business it will be a great idea to read some magazines first. All recommendation before buying material is welcome. You might want to know how much beads or cord you'll need for one specific bracelet. This way, you'll keep in mind how many bracelets you can do with the material you buy. It's a great point to measure the cost of your production before even puting your money down. Never underestimate the power of research.
Basic Materials to Begin with.
  1. Supplies Kit with Jewelry Tools. Is a must have. These tools allow your jewelry to have a professional finish and at the same time, facilitates the creation process since the kit has everything to bend the wires, cut the chains and press the hooks to give good endings to the necklaces and bracelets. 
    Supplies Kit with Jewelry Tools.
  2. Bracelet Kit Bookmark Pinch Crimp Ends Lobster Clasps with Jump Rings and Chain Extenders. It helps to give a professional finish and to hide the knots that are used to finish each end of the bracelet or necklace. It comes in two colors, gold and metal, so that it combines with the material that is chosen to work with.
  3. 180yards 18 Colors 1mm Waxed Cotton Cord Jewelry Fashion DIY Cords. It is a fashion trend to use this material, both for men and women and it combines very well when adding charms and other accessories to the design.
    waxed cotton for woman

    waxed cotton for men
  4. Elastic Cord. Is ideal to create accessories we want to fit on every person. This way, the design we build will adjust itself to all, no matter if they are thin or not.
  5. Antique Silver Tibetan Style Alloy Ring Toggle Clasp Sets Lead Free. Depending on the niche you selected, this unique style will help you create your bracelet with any size and will adjust to every client you'll have.
    Tibetan Style Bracelet
  6. Rondelle Beads, Crystal Glass Beads Briolette Spacer Beads for Bracelet Necklace Jewelry Making. I am a big fan of crystal glass beads because it adds a bit of a shiny touch to the necklace or bracelets. It is often used to imitate the sparkle of Swarovski on the design in a cheaper way.
    Necklace with Crystal Glass Beads
  7. 24 Pieces Different Styles Silver Plated DIY Chain Necklace for Jewelry Making Supplies and Craft. You can just add a Charm to it or use it to make long bracelets or combine with different materials on necklaces. 
  8. Stainless Steel Earrings Posts Flat Pad with Butterfly Earring Backs for Earring Making Findings. Perfect if you want to make earrings from scratch. 
    Stainless Steel Earrings
  9. 700pcs Earring Hooks Ear Wires 18MM Surgical Steel Hypo Allergenic with Ball and Coil Mixed Color. The most amazing pack to create long earrings with every material you like, as it comes in many colors. Recommended for beginners.
    Earring Hooks Ear Wires
Frequently Asked Questions.

Where do I start selling my Handmade Jewelry?
    I always recommend to start with friends and family, because that first review will help you improve your quality before start making sells to people who would actually recommend you. And as they are family, you can take those pictures you need to post on social media. Is a win-win. Then you can create your Facebook account and connect it with Instagram, where you can post a timeline with all the Jewelry you've done with your phone number to atract clients. After a few sells, you can launch your site on Etsy or Amazon Handmade, where the key to be successfull is provide in-depth product information about your Jewelry. For example, which materials you used to create it, is it a trend?, where you can use that piece?, how you can combine it with other jewelry or clothes?. All of it. That will separate you from your competition and give you a fair advantage to make more sells. Keep your pictures creative and clean and you'll see how clients will come to you.

How much cash will I have at risk with a Handmade Jewelry Business?
   $200 budget. I must say, once you select your niche, you'll have around $150 to buy the materials you need and $50 to invest on selling on Etsy or Amazon Handmade. Keep in mind depending on the niche, you can sell each Bracelet or Necklace between $5 to $25.

How much time will the Jewelry Business consume?
   It is up to you. You can plan a week to research, two weeks to create the Jewelry and another week to publishing your products online. As a result, you'll have your business started in a month. Then, you'll be able to manage your time at your best convenience to keep the business going.

What are the chances of success on a Handmade Jewelry Business?
   The Etsy richest seller makes an annual revenue of $960000. That being said, you have a great chance to be successfull on the Handmade Jewelry Business. Bring all the creativity that is in you, create unique pieces and soon you'll be in the top of the business.

Can I run the business part-time before quitting my job?
   Yes! You can start with your co-workers, test how much they enjoy your Jewelry and then switch to what makes you enjoy life the most.

   I love it! when I started to sell my own Handmade Jewelry I did not know where to begin, but I used my grandmother's magazines to research the sizes of people, the amount of materials I needed and sold it on my grandfather's store. Then re-sellers came to me asking for more. And soon, the business grow by itself. By that time, Instagram did not exist! Imagine today, where you can create a brand following easy steps, is really amazing, if you put your heart on it, how much you can accomplish. And if you do, leave me your link to your store in the comments! I'll be happy to support you and share your masterpiece.

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