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I learned a lot this year.

The lockdown taught me that what matters the most is what makes me happy.

Thinking about what I did before the lockdown made me sad. I wasn't able to enjoy the time I spent with my family because I had to work. The money issues had me away from being in the present moment.

I wasn't even happy with my results. Now, I have the opportunity to start all over and make better choices. What do I want to do? What makes me happy? How can I enjoy the time I spend with my family? How can I be wealthy?

Well, I have an answer. Fiverr.

Now, I know that I can work with professionals to help me achieve my goals. To let others do the hard tasks while I do what I like. Get a better result because I'm creating a team of experts who knows what they are doing.

What is Fiverr?

It is a website that offers a place to start working for as little as $5. You do not need a degree to promote your services, only showcase what you have done that prove your talent and worth. You will gain experience and built strong relationships with your clients. On the other hand, at Fiverr you have the perfect opportunity to build the business you always dreamed of. You can hire very talented people to do every task you need to make your business grow. You can create an online team that will help you build any business online and offline.

what is fiverr

How do you use Fiverr?

There are two kinds of people, the ones who have ideas but no knowledge of how to make it happen and the ones who have the knowledge but are lack ideas. Individuals use Fiverr to find the talent to build their companies or to sell their skills to those who already have a business.

Bloggers find very talented people on Fiverr who can help them create content based on their keyboard research, create the Pinterest images, hire virtual assistants to complete social tasks like answering emails, creating new tweets or pins, while they are on the process of creating new content. But others prefer to sell their writing skills as they enjoy the researching and writing process. Bloggers also use Fiverr as a platform to connect their blog with companies that are looking to create a strong online presence.

On the other hand, Amazon, eBay or Gearbest sellers hire graphic designers to help them clean their product images, perform a background removal or add special effects to attract more clients. They also focus on hiring writers that master the skills of product descriptions, reviews and titles using SEO words. Most importantly, they hire people with huge followers account to promote their products on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

Developers use Fiverr to get a hand on animations, drawing characters, making sprite sheets, testing the app or the game.

From sellers perspective

What are some useful tips for using Fiverr?
  • Tip 1. Do all the tests that Fiverr offers to prove your skills, this way people will trust you as you verified your skills on the platform. This is very important in cases you do not speak the language and want to create gigs as a translator. You must verify you can performance with quality the gigs you are promoting.
  • Tip 2. Join Fiverr courses as it gives you badges on your profile. You are showing to your clients that you are willing to improve your skills each day.
  • Tip 3. When writing your gig make sure you point the advantages or benefits of buying it. Explain as detailed as possible how your gig will improve your buyer's life.
  • Tip 4. Share your gig on social media constantly to increase the possibilities of making sales. It does not matter if you do not have a big audience, what is important is to create ways for people who are looking for your service to find you on any social platform they use.

fiverr learn

How can I increase sales on Fiverr?
  1. Add as much detail information to your Fiverr profile.
  2. Add your skills and verify them by answering the Fiverr test.
  3. If you can, add your education and certifications.
  4. On your profile description use SEO terms to drive more clicks to your profile.
  5. Use a professional profile picture or your company logo. The more attractive the picture is the more attention you will be able to get.
  6. On every gig turn on packages.
  7. Use promotional videos.
  8. Make sure to add your gig to the right categories.
  9. Answer any question in less than an hour.
  10. Promote your gigs on social media. Get as many exposures as you can.
  11. Always deliver on time.
  12. Create unique gigs for your buyers. This way no one can compete with your services. Also, you can offer surprising values as well.

how to make sales on fiverr

How you can promote Fiverr gigs?
  1. Promotional videos

  2. By creating videos you are guaranteed that your gig will receive more clicks and sells, as promotional videos make you stand out as many other sellers do not pay attention to videos on their gigs. On the other hand, promotional videos allow you to add more information about your gig, it is a winning strategy.

  3. Through your Youtube Channel

  4. If you have a Youtube Channel you can add the links to your gig on the description box, on the Channel information and make a special announcement during one of your videos. Your followers will support you and spread the word about your gigs.

  5. Posting on relevant forums

  6. Create your profile on pages like Quora or Reddit and add your Fiverr profile link. Every time you answer or participate in a particular topic it will catch the reader's attention and they will look into your profile to get to know you better that is when they are going to find your available gigs. You have to make sure to post high-quality content related to your gigs to build a strong reputation while attracting more visitors to your profile.

  7. On your blog

  8. I love using my blog as a space to showcase my talents and letting readers see what I'm able to build as a web developer and as a writer. You can do the same, use your blog to spread the word about your talents while offering your Fiverr gigs.

  9. Social media

  10. Get creative and share on social media what is your gig about. Share pictures, videos or quick messages that will attract more clients to you. What is important is to create ways for clients to find you on their search results, that is why every social media counts.

How to write the perfect gig?

  • Step 1. Explore the Fiverr market and your specialty first.
  • Step 2. Compose an interesting eye-catching title that best describes your offer.
  • Step 3. Pick the best labels related to your gig. Duplicate the most applicable catchphrases about your administration and install them in your portrayal just as in your tags.
  • Step 4. Describe your gig by telling your client what is your work about, which problems do you solve and how your client will benefit from buying your gig.
  • Step 5. Even if you don't have clients yet, answer the "frequently asked questions", is an opportunity to communicate even more information about your gig, don't miss it.
  • Step 6. Create an eye-catching image. This will call the client's attention on the search results, make sure to use it in your advantage.
  • Step 7. Add a promotional video describing your gig and showcasing your work. Use your 75 seconds wisely.

Best 3 tutorials to be a successful seller on Fiverr

There are available many courses on Fiverr Learn that will help you improve your work quality. Consequently, you can build better gigs, offer new services, and increase your earnings.

  • Be a succesfull Fiverr seller by Oren Ben-Ami. This course is based on the experience of top Fiverr Sellers as well as a deep understanding of the marketplace and all of the tools that are available for you on the platform.
  • Productivity and Digital Efficiency by Maya Yizhaky, Jonathan Levi and Mike Vardy. Learn how to embrace technology as a tool for success and manage your time efficiently in this essential program.
  • Essential Skills to Online Freelancing by Dana Robinson, Jonathan Levi, Maya Yizhaky and Oren Ben-Ami. Packed with essential skills, techniques and expert tips, you’ll learn everything you need to get your freelance career off the ground. From finding your niche and setting up the foundations to marketing your services, networking and being productive and digitally efficient, this program has it covered!

tutorials to be succesfull on fiverr

From buyer's perspective

What are some useful tips for using Fiverr?

  • Tip 1. Read carefully the description of the service before buying and ask before you buy if you have any doubts regarding the service. It is better and saves time if you agree before buying with the seller all your needs. If you like the service you can build a circle of trust, which means sellers from Fiverr who you already know work as you require.
  • Tip 2. Check the profile of the seller and read what others say about the gig. It will help you build trust before buying.
  • Tip 3. When speaking to the seller explain with many details all you want from the gig, this will avoid misunderstanding in the future.

3 great business ideas for 2021 you can build with fiverr
3 great business ideas for 2021 you can build with Fiverr

Instead of thinking about what makes more money, it's time to think about what makes you feel complete. What can you do that will make you feel happy and proud?. What makes you feel energized?.

I believe that our body fills itself with a lot of energy once we start working on what we like. That energy calls for opportunities. When you wake up in the morning with no alarm, just the excitement of being able to do what you like the most. You will tune in with yourself.

From my experience, when I was in my twenties I felt like I was chasing money. I was jumping from job to job, business to business just because that makes money. If people were getting money from selling books, I started to sells books. If people were getting money from selling cookies, I made cookies as well. I was working without a purpose. I was walking through life with no goal. There were days when I felt I was dead. I had no excitement, no reason to get up happy.

It got worst when I found a business where I had money. Because I had no time to spent with my family. I was full of responsibilities along with the feeling of not being good enough. I didn't have the feeling of being happy about what I was bringing into the world. I'm 32 by now. Said to me, that I was going to do what makes me happy. I wanted to be able to manage my time with my family but as well with my projects. I felt like a switch within me. I now look at the mirror and ask myself, what can I do today that makes me happy?.

Everything got easier. I met people who wanted to work next to me, they become part of my projects. I see life differently. I'm not chasing money anymore. I'm building a life where I can share my talents, my ideas, what I do best. Everyone around me grows while I'm growing. We grow our business together.

As a business owner, I recommend Fiverr Business as you build a team for yourself where you develop any project you like. It's incredible the amount of well-educated people willing to work with you. Also, you can benefit from their experience as well. Just relax, forget about what people say. Start thinking about what you like the most, if there any talent you want to share, what kind of business you want to create.

I will share with you my top 5 great business ideas for 2021 based on my experience. You will be surprised at how I see a project get developed with Fiverr and I hope this will help you feel inspire. Everything is possible.

E-commerce business

If you are a beginner, eCommerce is like a store but on the internet. You build a website and sell your products. You can buy products and sell those on your website or you can sell them through amazon. You can also create a Shopify store with your products. Those products can be digital as well. You get to decide what do you want to sell. Do you want to create your product or buy it from someone else and sell it yourself? It doesn't matter what choice you take. Both ways work.

Maybe you are wondering if eCommerce sites are profitable? Let me tell you the truth. There is a before and after the lockdown in terms of e-commerce. Before the lockdown, people used to buy online because it is so exciting to receive a product at home. Opening the box, having the feeling of surprise is priceless. It is a completely different experience from shopping at a store. When you buy on the internet it feels like Santa is sending you a gift, you know what it is, but you still get so happy about it. After the lockdown, buying online became a signal of health. It is healthier to order your products online than going outside where you can get sick. On the other hand, when we were on lockdown, what we used the most was the internet. More people online meant more sales. From the point of view of a business owner, that means a great opportunity to sell more. You have millions of people browsing online. That behavior won't stop short.

How does e-commerce work?
  • You select a product you want to sell.
  • You buy the inventory.
  • You select a place where you want to sell: Amazon, WordPress, Shopify.
  • Create an online store.
  • Create a marketing campaign to tell people about your products.

That's it. People will start buying your products.

Why eCommerce fails?

Like any business, you need to focus if your product fulfills the expectations of your client. You must pay attention to the experience your client gets:
  • Did your client receive the product within the timeline?
  • Did you treat your client nicely?
  • Did you solve any problem the client could have?
  • Did the product meet the expectations?

On the other hand, does your e-commerce keep the technology pace? If you have a website, you have to make sure it provides an excellent user experience. That your online shop is updated. Don't create an e-shop and forget about it. If you have those points covered, I'm so sure you won't fail.

How can you build an eCommerce with Fiverr?

The first step you need to take is the product selection. You need to identify if there is a demand for the product you would like to sell. Also, you need to check if there is a lot of competition and if it is worth investing in such a product. This research will save you time as you will select a product based on real numbers. Beforehand you will know how much revenue you could have if you invest in a particular product. For this product research, you can get in touch with Sajid Khaira. He is an expert about e-commerces and will do amazon fba product research for your private label. You can take a nice decision based on deep product research.

Once you know what you want to sell, you need to create an inventory of the product. But in the meantime, you can start thinking about your brand. Start making decisions about where you want to sell your products. There are Amazon, Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, and WordPress experts that will create for you an incredible storefront. Every store has different advantages, you should research your options first and select the one that suits your products needs best.

Let's say you want to sell on Amazon (as an example). You need your logo design. Photos of your product without background. A promotional video. A short description of your product. A complete large description of your product. Then publish your products on Amazon. I know it sounds overwhelming but there is an expert for each field on Fiverr. What you need to do is create a list of the tasks you need. You can create a custom request where you explain the service you want, the budget you have, and the time frame. Then, you will receive offers from experts from Fiverr. You can see their background on Fiverr and select the one you like most. On the other side, you can search for the job you would like done. For example: "background removal" and will have tons of experts and offers about it. You can hire the one that best suits your budget.

Soon, you will have at Fiverr a team of experts working for your eCommerce business. You are the boss, the business owner, and will in a few days own an online store. How amazing is that?

Once you launched your e-commerce business is time to start thinking about digital marketing. Create a strategy to drive people to your store. Don't drive yourself crazy creating accounts on every social media. Remember you made a research about your product, such a study will help you decide which platform suits your needs best. Every social media has a specific audience. For example, Instagram drives traffic from people between ages 25 and 34 years old. Instead, LinkedIn drives traffic from males more than females. Those are key points you take into account before posting like crazy on social media.

The next step is to make the most of the social platform you selected. For example, if you selected Facebook you can create a FB page for your store. Also, update your personal profile with your store link. Start publishing stories about your product or store. Start creating a post on your new page. Create Facebook ads to drive more traffic to your store page. As you see, all your focus is on one platform but taking all the benefits it has.

I recommend working with a digital marketing expert as this person will create a great plan you can follow to drive more traffic from this social platform to your online store. Also, you can hire a virtual assistant to keep the plan moving when you are busy taking care of other aspects of your eCommerce business. A graphic designer is welcome to the team as well, as you will need quality images, eye-catching images that call people's attention to your product.

Best team to create, launch and grow your e-commerce business with Fiverr

  1. Product Research Expert
  2. Programmer for your store
    • Amazon e-shop developer
    • WooComerce programmer
    • Shopify designer
  3. Graphic designer
  4. Product description writer
  5. Marketing strategy expert
  6. Virtual Assistant
  7. Ads manager
  8. Video creator

Dropshipping business

The dropshipping business is so similar to the eCommerce business model, but you don't need to handle the inventory. The inventory stays with your supplier. Once you make a sale, the supplier itself will handle the shipment to your client's address. This way, you don't need to worry about buying extra inventory or making the shipment to your clients. With a dropshipping business, you only manage the creative side of selling a product. You create the storefront, the business idea behind the products you selected.

The most important side of a dropshipping business is selecting the right supplier. Not all suppliers work the same way. Some suppliers send the product with your brand on it to make it look as you did it. Other suppliers give you all the information about the product so can easily add it to your storefront. There are many where you can set up your storefront with their products for free while there are many others where you have to pay a little fee upfront. You will need to research what benefits offers each supplier and select the one you like the most.

You can perform product research before selecting a supplier because you will know beforehand if you have a lot of competition or not. Researching will help you understand your audience, how many sales you can make per year, if the product is trending, or if it is a bad idea. Then, you can compare which supplier has the products you want and who offers the best service.

Try to focus on a specific niche. It will help you sell your products faster. For example products for star wars fans, Halloween costumes for dog lovers, or products for curly hair girls. Those are specific markets but will help you make more sales as the clients who visit your storefront will love all the products you selected for them. It is a lot easier to satisfy one type of person than trying to create a store for a variety of interests.

Droppshipping business ideas for 2021
  • Girl streamers technology
  • Body art cosmetics
  • Marvel t-shirt collection
  • Smart home products
  • Face mask
  • Toys for cat lovers
  • San Valentine's gifts
  • Lego toys
  • Kitchen suplies for Instagram Influencers
  • Deco and art for business offices

How to create and launch a dropshipping business with Fiverr?

The first step is to create your business idea. What do you want to sell online? Select a niche you like. Imagine yourself 3, 5, or 10 years later with your website. Is it a business you would like to keep long term? If so, you must do product research or idea validation. By researching you avoid wasting time on a business with no sales at all. The idea may get you excited but not all of them will turn into big sums of money, that why you need to research first. Also, this step will help you see who are your competitors, how much you can sell in a month, if there are suppliers with the products you desire, or which is the best platform to start your online dropshipping business.

Once you have the best business idea based on research is time to set up the store. Alcax Solutions Ltd is a company of very skilled professionals that will set up your Shopify store linked to your supplier within 14 days. In two weeks, you will have set up 10 products, with a responsive design, ready to start making sales. Is that easy!. You won't have to worry about the programming involved, just enjoy to see your dream come true!

Now you can create marketing funnels to drive traffic to your online store. You can hire a marketing expert to help you manage the social media strategy. A graphic designer as well, to help you create outstanding images for your social media.

As you can see, it's a project that once you select the right niche - supplier combination you have it all running in a blink of an eye.

App development business

I'm a programmer, and I love technology. I feel the app business has a great opportunity in the upcoming years as people are focused more on mobile technology than desktop computers. You can take a step further and think about virtual reality apps as well. This business model has a lot to offer, and I will walk you through the main decisions you will need to take to build a successful app development business.

General recommendations for an app development business

  • The first consideration is to select what do you want to develop. Is it a gaming app or an app with a specific function? Do you want to create an app that solves a specific problem? You must think deeply about what road do you want to take with your app idea because you will have a better understanding of what you are going to do.
  • The second aspect to take into account is to be aware of the technology you already have. For example, if you own an android tablet you cannot start developing an iOS app because you won't have the equipment to test your app. The same occurs with your PC, make sure all the programs you need to create your application runs on your computer. Even if you are going to outsource a task, you will have to test your app, check the graphic designs before sending them to the developer, even have Zoom calls to get in touch with your team. That is why you have to know which are your limitations and advantages in terms of the technology you are using to start your business. By the way, you don't need to have the latest technology to start, but you need to know what you are capable of doing with the devices you already have.
  • The third point for me is the most important. Don't try to launch your game or app for android and ios at the same time. Start with one store first. Get to know what people think about your apps and see if they encounter any problems or bugs. Study how many people downloaded your app. Is a lot easier to handle updates for one store than to be taking care of two apps at the same time. Also, it will save you money, in case people didn't react to your app as you wanted. Remember it could be a great idea for you, but not for everyone else, so let it run in one place first.

How to make money with an app development business

  1. By selling features inside your app or game. For example, if you create an app that scans images to PDF you can for free print your logo on the PDF file and charges a little fee to take it off. On a game, you can sell extra lives inside the game so people can play longer.
  2. With ads. This is the most common way to earn money because is simple to set up. But, you must be very careful as people don't like it when an app is full of advertising. So you must keep a balance, add some ads but not every ten seconds. Or use advertisement as a money exchange. For example, you can give extra life to the game if they watch an ad.
  3. You can create your store and sell your products. It will be an app similar to Amazon or eBay, where people buy inside the app.
  4. You can make an educational app and sell your coaching services inside the app. Or you can sell books or related products inside the app.
  5. You can sell subscriptions where people who pay for it can get access to private information on the app.

How can you build an app development business with Fiverr?

The first step is to decide your app or game idea. Then select if you want it for android or ios. Login at Fiverr to create a team of developers. It will be different if you want to create a game because you will need graphic designers too. You can outsource your entire game to one person or hire several developers so each one can be in charge of one aspect of your app. Is up to you.

Once the app is developed, you cannot launch it. You must test your app first. Some developers will run your app in search of bugs or mistakes within your app. It is ok to find a bug before the launch because you will have time to fix it, and no one will know it existed.

Now you will need a Play Store or Apple Store expert to launch your app. This expert will create a great description of your app, prepare the best screenshots of your app, and upload the correct files, and information to the store. This process is key to be accepted and publish soon. Also, is what people are going to see to decide whether or not to download your app. Enjoy having your app publish and running! See what people say, pay attention to the reviews and the statistics to launch your app on a different store later. It could be three months later.

For the marketing aspect, it is time to use Twitch streamers to play live your game! It is the best way to promote an app as people will watch your game in action. It is how Among Us got famous after all. Additionally, create a landing page for your app. It will help you appear faster on search engines and drive more downloads than just relying on the store marketing. Last but not least, you can create social media accounts to promote your app or game, share screenshots, updates, news, or recent releases to raise people's interest in your app.

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