How to Teach Online?

When I was a teenager, the internet was giving its first steps. I remember the first website I visited and how the phone used to make weird sounds while connecting to it. I must say, I grew with the internet by my side. Then Youtube came along, with many teachers on its platform. I used to learn math with such tutorials. Then at the University, programming lessons I needed I went to my computer to find help, I always found an answer. And these days, I feel so grateful because I always found new great articles to read that helped me to grow professionally speaking, read books for free and studied with many teachers around the world that made me find my voice and a way where I can help others to grow too. How to keep them motivated into learning as much as I am. This is how my teaching career started. Today I own two Youtube channels, teach at Skillshare and Bitdegree platforms, own my blog and I encourage you to listen if your inner voice wants to be part of the teaching community too, to improve how students can use the internet as part of their growth by using your knowledge and experience; because I believe everyone has something we all can learn from.

Can you be an online teacher without a degree?
Yes, absolutely. You fear that a degree may make you a better teacher or give you some skills or advantages but in reality, it does not. All you have to do is create a class thinking about your learning process. How do you learn better? By watching, reading or doing? The same will happen with your future students, they are humans just like you, who want to learn a new skill, growth or improve at their work. This is the amazing part, all of us have different experiences, knowledge, and cultures that joined together, even if it is about the same topic, all classes will be different and unique. You have talents and a perspective of life that can create original classes that everyone is waiting for. On the other hand, classes could be about any topic, from teaching a new language, programming skills, marketing, cooking, self-development and much more. You can choose to create a compelling powerpoint presentation to communicate your class or record only your hands if your course is about painting and drawing, you can capture your PC or Android screen if you are going to teach about programming or get out of your comfort zone and record yourself explaining what you know best. Is up to you, but make sure to practice before recording your actual class, because you will be able to notice if you have any word that you repeat constantly or if you have the proper set up, like good lighting and audio quality, also check if your software has any limitations, every single detail counts. That is why you must take your time to verify you have the proper tools to record your first class. Don't panic to make everything perfect either because you will end up not launching a class at all, just go for it because it is a growing experience that worth every second invested.

Why become an online teacher?
  • You can have better control of your time management, as only you, know when to record a class, how long it will take and when you have the time to put all pieces together. Leaving you enough time and freedom to spend with your family or developing other projects.
  • It is about one effort that lasts forever. When you record a class, post it online, you are done, you just have to be there if someone has a question, but such class will give you revenue month to month without any special effort. Unlike traditional classes where every year you need to start all over again.
  • There are no creativity limitations, you can teach how you like it, about any subject because there will be an audience for every single topic. You can also mix topics and it will be just fine too. You can control the information you want to share using the methods you always wanted.
  • You can record your class and publish it on many learning sites, even outside your own country.

How to become a Skillshare teacher?
It is a simple process, login into Skillshare and creates your first class. You can also login to Skillshare, watch the tutorials made for teachers only and follow the steps they suggest to launch a profitable class.

It is so easy to publish a class as the platform gives you step by step guidance through the process. If you find any problem, there is a teacher group where everybody helps each other. That is what I like the most, its more about being part of a community willing to share tips, knowledge and being there to support each other.

You can teach about illustration, design, photography, programming, game development, marketing, entrepreneurship, cooking and more.

How do Skillshare teachers get paid?
Teachers can earn $10 per student they refer to Skillshare premium and also, through monthly royalties based on the number of minutes watched in your classes. The money is sent to your PayPal account every 16 of the month.

Which programs should I use to record a class?

If you are using a Windows desktop, you can:
  • Edit your videos using Shotcut, is a free video editing software, easy to use that will allow you to add images, videos, sounds to a video, this way you can combine different techniques to create a class.
  • Edit your audio with Audacity. Another free software that helps you reduce or eliminate the noise of your audio. After you clean the audio, you can glue it to the video with Shotcut.
  • On the browser, use Canva to create the thumbnail of your video; it is a rectangle image that will help you promote your class on social media. It is very important to create your thumbnail to avoid having it by default, as by default Skillshare selects the middle frame of your video and most of the time it is inadequate for marketing purposes.

If you are using an Android phone, you can:

  • Record your video using your phone's camera. If the flash of your camera is not enough you can invest in adding extra light to have a professional good-looking video.
  • Edit your video using Kinemaster as it allows you to record audio while watching the video, use images or photographs, and have amazing transitions and effects. It is the most professional tool in the Google Play Store.
  • To clean the noise I use "Mp3, Mp4, Wav Audio Video Noise Reducer, converter" it is not free but is worthy as it helps you clean your audio and glue it to your video, all in the same program.
  • Canva app to create the thumbnail.
  • To upload the class I use the Chrome browser on the phone. It is like using the PC.

Tips for Beginning Teachers
  • If you are going to record yourself, be professional in dress, manner, and attitude. Avoid recording in your bedroom, try to choose a clean space or an office.
  • Use language appropriately. But if it is your first time recording an English class, creating a script and checking its grammar will become handy, to avoid language misunderstandings. Also, verify your pronunciation by using the Google Translation app.
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard. Your information is very important for us, that is why you have to make sure we can listen perfectly to it.
  • Answer all your student's questions with respect and a positive attitude. Show your students that you care about their progress.
  • Use the teacher's group. Cooperate with your colleagues, be humble enough to ask for help and also open to offer your advice when needed.
  • Always plan your class, take time to research and test your ideas before making the class public.
  • Do not give up if you do not get many students in your first couple of months. It takes time for marketing strategies to reach its full potential. Keep creating awesome content as success is guaranteed as long as you do not quit.
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