How to Fix Instagram Engagement Drop

how to fix instagram engagement drop

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram rights and started making big changes to its algorithm. These days there is a lot of confusion about why you are not getting the same or better results in comparison to years ago. It seems you need to put a lot of effort to gain likes and comments. But don't worry anymore, as this situation it's happening to all of us, I developed some strategies that will help you recover the engagement rate you used to have and show you key tools that will also help you use your Instagram account to drive more sells. Let's get started.

What you will find on this article:

Automation tools don't work anymore.

If you used in the past programs that will like people's posts automatically or to send private messages every time you got a new follower for you; even if you used like for like software, that won't work anymore. The reason behind this is that Instagram is looking for real, sincere connections between the accounts. The algorithm knows when a bot is doing what you are supposed to do. That is why many accounts have been banned from liking, following or lost their account at all, as it is stated that such programs are against the fair use of Instagram.

What you should do is remove your Instagram account from those apps, denied your access to start cleaning your account.

If you ever did a follow for follow, or a like for like tag, you must un-do at least the followers from those tags. Instagram shows your post to 10% of random people from your follower's list. If you are unlucky, and the 10% chosen are from a F4F tag, those people won't like or comment your photo, you cannot blame them, they don't know you; but Instagram will take that behavior as your post being unlikable and won't show it to the rest of your list. Even when you see the post on your profile, it could be hidden for the rest of your follower's list.

You will want to have people who comment and like your posts. That is why I recommend cleaning your list, most probably the fake accounts, bots and people from follow for follow tags will leave you, but it will be for your good. Next time you post a picture, the 10% of your list most likely will engage and prove the algorithm that your post is worth to show it to the rest of your follower's list.

Instagram like Facebook is a Business

The goal for Instagram is to have many users watching and engaging through content as much as they can. When Instagram started for free let your account grow organic reach to keep you motivated and posting constantly. Now as your organic reach has dropped, you feel the need to buy ads to promote your content and reach once again the numbers you used to have. As I said, this is a business, for free Instagram algorithm will promote content only if it feels such post will keep users commenting and liking on the platform.

This is the moment when great content is key. Well, high-quality content is key. You will need to research the answer for the following questions:
  • What is your niche about?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How old is your audience?
  • Does your audience use Instagram? **
  • Where is your audience from?
  • Where do you need to tag your content to?
  • When is your audience most active?
** Sometimes there are better social platforms according to niche/age-related.

Based on your answers, you can decide:
  • When is the correct time to post on Instagram?
  • What themes drive more likes?
  • If Instagram is the best fit for your niche.
  • How many posts a day are necessary to increase your audience?
  • What is your audience's definition of high quality?
Not all niche behaves the same way, every place has its own schedules, traditions, and you have to take all into account to really, reach the organic growth as you used to. The effort will be in studying your audience. Then you will have to implement key changes until you see with numbers what works better for your Instagram account.

At this point, don't think about an Instagram Alternative, because it will happen the same, you will gain a great effect at the beginning, people commenting and liking your post but lose it once the owners of the app want to sell ads.

What you should do instead is take advantage of having statistics to study and perform key chances. It is way better than starting from zero again.

Trust me, doing this research will help you also improve how you use other social platforms as well.

To fix your Instagram Engagement you need to go back to basics.

How to fix Instagram engagement drop

  • Promote "notifications on". 
Let everyone know that if they turn the notifications on, they will receive your content every time you post. You will benefit as people who were notifications on aren't from the 10% I mentioned earlier, meaning you will gain more exposure. But you may wonder, how do I promote notifications on? Well, if you have a blog, the call to action may be "turn on Instagram notifications to be updated" or place a bell next to your Instagram name, as a reminder. You can be very creative. Most people don't know Instagram has notifications as Youtube, that is something you can take advantage of and mention it every time you can. 

  • Verify your profile is updated. 
Your profile will speak for you. Create an awesome theme that communicates within 9 pictures what is your account about, what do you do, what you sell, where are you from and what do you offer. 
  • Place your profession next to your name. 

This may sound weird, but if you place your profession on your name line, you will appear on searches more times in comparison to people who don't. When a client search: "amazon" on the search result, it will appear in the first results people who have "amazon" as a name. Unless you are famous, people won't look for your name on search engines, but there are tons of people interested in what you do, that is why typing your profession will give you a fair advantage over the rest. You can use words as freelancers, bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, traders, influencers, YouTuber, model, what best describes what you do. 
  • Promote discussions and comments. 
When you share a post, go beyond a good looking photograph, try once in a while, promote a discussion, where people can share their thoughts on a particular subject. That is why fashion bloggers, have an advantage over the rest, their strategy is to show "yay or nay pictures" where their followers share if they would wear what is on the post. From the Instagram point of view, this will be a very engaging post and will promote it as people are commenting on it and spending more time on the app thanks to this photo. That is your goal. A post that people will comment and talk to each other about it. It will increase your exposure on the platform. 
  • Direct your story to your post. 
People often spend more time on the stories than watching posts, that is why you can share your post on the stories to connect your followers with your recent post. Is redirecting people from the storyline to your post. Also, you will be skipping the fact that Instagram is no longer sharing photographs in chronological order, but your followers will understand is your most recent post as it is stated in your recent story. I hope you get the idea. 
  • Look for less competitive hashtags. 
Research before posting which hashtags you will use, watch how many likes has the highlighted post on each hashtag, then only use the one you can reach a similar amount of likes and comments. Meaning your post will be highlighted as well. If you try to post with a hashtag whos photographs has over a million likes when you only get 100 likes, your post will be unnoticed, but if you post where the popular post has 50 likes, then you know for sure, your post will be on that front page. The aim is to reach being popular, to get people to know who you are; when you start gaining more followers, you can post on higher value hashtags.

  • Share your post through your blogger blog
  • Another option to gain more followers and likes is by sharing your Instagram post using a gallery. You can share your favorite photos at the end of your post, you can create a gallery with lots of photographs or you can share a single post to complement the information of your blog post.

    You maybe wondering why only blogger blogs? For free you can add as many HTML widgets you like. On WordPress you have to pay to have available the option to personalize your blog with HTML. If you pay them, you can use the same tools over here. Otherwise, you will need to buy a WordPress widget.

    You will need to create an HTML table without borders, inside each cell you add your Instagram photo, then on a different cell add a description of your photo to implement SEO tools and reach higher on the search results. You need to make your HTML table responsive as people engage from different devices. The table is needed to keep the information ordered.

    You will find the code to embed your Instagram photo from the desktop version of Instagram. Click on the photo and search the insert option, copy the code and paste it inside a cell of your HTML table. But to make it a lot easier for you, I will show you, 3 HTML codes to share your Instagram post with blogger and you only need to add your photographs into it.

    1. Free Widget with Single Instagram Post

    2. Responsive Widget for Instagram with 3 Horizontal Photographs Posts
      Gaming Setup
      Skillshare Class
      Prime Day

      For this widget you only need to copy your post link, delete all numbers after the "?" and add the word "embed". For example: the photo link is: After the modifications should look like this:

    3. Free Responsive Instagram Gallery Widget
      Prime Day
      Coloring Book
      Halloween Poster
      New Merch
      Cute Cosplay
      Programming Book
      TabletWise Class
      Work Online
      Skillshare Class

      For this widget you only need to copy your post link, delete all numbers after the "?" and add the word "embed". For example: the photo link is: After the modifications should look like this:

    You can add CSS to the HTML table to make it fit to the color template of your blog, by the end of this post I'll leave you a list of books that will help you step by step customize the design of the widgets in case you want to go further.

  • The human factor
  • We can't expect people to comment on our photos and do like if we don't offer anything in return. It is up to us as users to create connections with our supporters, to make comments too, to encourage the projects of our friends, in this way we can receive the engagement from our followers towards the information we share in instagram. It is somehow to stop acting in a programmed way and let the human side in each one of us flow, to share with others, to rejoice in their successes and especially to be the kind of user we yearn for in our followers.

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