[UPDATED 2020 APPNANA SCAM] Appnana Tips and Tricks


Appnana Is SCAM.

No longer pays.

When you are about to reach your points to cash you can not login anymore into the app. Other users do not have any offer available to earn points or simply they do not receive the reward.
appnana no paga
Screenshot of my deactivated account when I was going to claim $10. It is important to tell you, you are my referrals, and at no time was I doing anything wrong. The application is just looking for ways not to pay.
appnana es scam
appnana es scam
Opinions of other users who have also been scammed with the appnana application.

appnana 2020 tips and tricks
Appnana 2020 Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to generate additional income whether it is to make purchases at large stores like Amazon, or Ebay through PayPal, buy benefits like the elite pass for the free fire or gems for the Clash of Clans, buy games on Steam or songs on iTunes, pay for membership on the Xbox or Nintendo, AppNana is the ideal application for you.

What will you find on this article?

What is Appnana?
Appnana is an application for mobile devices which for just watching videos, completing surveys or downloading applications gives you prizes that you can exchange for different giftcards, which will depend on the country where you want to use your prize. The application works as a passive method from which you can get money in the long run. An important fact, you may find the application as Appjoy, is the same, only with a different name.

Where can I download Appnana?
Appnana is compatible with most devices, both android and ios. If you have an android device you can download it from Google's Play Store or from your browser by visiting appnana.com. Similarly, if you have an ios device, you can access the website appnana.com

Benefits of Using Appnana
  • As AppNana's prizes are mostly through Gift cards, it avoids you to pay extra taxes for transferring your money to buy such gift cards, like those charged by sites like Egifter.
  • You can transfer the money obtained to your Paypal wallet and then to your bank account, or simply make purchases with your Paypal balance.
  • Using the Amazon giftcard you can buy your favorite products, buy books or rent movies from the Amazon store.
  • You can acquire benefits in your favorite games by making use of google play, steam, xbox or playstation cards. You can buy gems for the Clash of Clans, diamonds for the Free Fire, donuts for the Simpsons game or buy apps from the different stores.
  • You can buy benefits for the hundreds of games on Facebook.
  • You can buy your favorite music from iTunes.
How can you earn money with Appnana?
By registering in the application you already earn approximately 10 thousand points and by entering the code: a5098784 gives you 2500 additional points. You must enter the tab that says "Earn Nanas", that's where you'll find the different offers to earn money with the application. There are tasks that are to complete surveys, others to watch videos, give likes to photos at instagram, download applications or reach a certain level in a game. They are all easy to do. Although for inviting people to use the application you earn more points, and if you share the link on your social networks, it gives you even more points. For entering the application every day you receive additional points, usually 400 points.

What's really interesting about the app is that you can share your appnana code with your friends and earn both points that help them redeem their prizes. The appnana code must be entered once you have 15,000 points in the application and that condition must be met by the other person as well. Your appnana code can be found in the "invite" tab. 

I invite you to share in the comments your appnana code in order to have more points between all of us and thus grow faster within the application.
trucos appnana 2020

Appnana 2020 Tips and Tricks
  • You must share your referral code in the different Facebook groups where your participants are interested in generating money online. Remember that for every referral you earn 2500 points, so it's good to put an attractive message in each group to get as many referrals as possible. It is important that the groups you choose have more than 5000 participants so that your effort is rewarded.
  • Appnana gives you points for sharing on social networks, so make sure you share every day from the application to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the most out of your share points.
  • If it tells you that there are no more videos to watch, just close the application and open it again, you'll see how it will show you advertising again. It also helps if you clear your cell phone cache.
  • You can have the application on your smartphone as well as on your tablet, that way you can generate even more points.
  • If you don't want to leave application trash on your phone, you can use the bluestacks, smartgaga or nox emulator, this way you protect your phone from application cache.
Appnana Payment Proof
appnana screenshot
This is what the app shows after asking an amazon gift card.
appnana reward confirmation
This is the email confirmation with the details of your purchase. In this case I asked for an amazon gift card with my appnana points.
appnana payment proof
This is the email you will receive with your amazon gift card code. As you can see Appnana does pay. Appnana is a legal app. This is the payment proof of appnana.
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