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twin flame

In the creation of the human being, the true meaning of a twin flame is born. It is so beautiful to explain its meaning, you will feel its greatness just by reading the following lines. As a luminous spark, each one of us was projected, but in itself, we are two beings in one. Hence, we say the other person complements us. Each of us is created together with our perfect match. The only difference is by coming to the earthly plane, each one will evolve separately.

However, this evolution only implies to grow, to prepare, and to walk the path to meet again, to recognize your other half. Both are the purest representation of love, a love that will make you join together again. Twin flames are spiritual beings, both have the same ideals, the same affinities, and even the same desires. Together, the couple feel full of love, happiness, balance, and peace. It is an unbreakable bond, deep and meaningful. Being able to recognize your twin flame is a feeling in the heart, it is an immediate assurance of how everything fits together, how everything works magically and perfectly.

Before this longed-for meet on the earthly plane occurs, you have already communicated telepathically with your twin flame. It is what gives you strength, meaning, and guidance to meet shortly. This telepathic communication through time is what strengthens you, fills you with joy, even when you are not yet facing each other. The connection between you two, transcends physical bodies, it is a solid energetic connection, where you protect and nurture your soulmate despite the distance.

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How to find your soulmate?

Finding a soulmate is one of the experiences you long for most as a human being. All of us want to live this deep love, to experience the dedication and devotion only possible with our match. But to find your soulmate, it will always be necessary for you to be prepared in a spiritual sense. It is essential to learn to accept other people as they are, leaving aside the habit of judging and criticizing. It will also be significant to cleanse our minds of what an ideal couple should be, of patterns and concepts that only limit the divine expression of love.

Being with our soulmate is the evolution of ourselves. It is a relationship where you must be a partner's confidant, lover, and friend. Each of us must learn to be respectful, joyful, understanding, independent, with social values, faithful, loving, trustworthy, stable, and with noble feelings. This is how you will attract your soulmate easily because it will see its reflection in you. Thanks to the wisdom of the heart, the recognition with your soulmate will be natural and intuitive, a moment of perfect synchrony.

It is possible you previously had couples that damaged your confidence in love and especially in relationships. These experiences with people who are not your soulmate are a source of learning, to help you visualize who you are, what you are willing to accept, what do you bring to a relationship, and what decisions to change in your next engagement. It is not an easy process, so the invitation to meditate and be in frequent communication with your angels is always open. Angels will help you find the wisdom within yourself so you can learn, heal, and open yourself to new opportunities.

You can use numerology to study in greater depth which are the qualities of your personality favoring you in a relationship, which are the aspects you should improve in yourself and thus grow in you all those characteristics that will help you become a better version of yourself. Only when you have reached a deeper level of life and spirituality will you be able to vibrate at the same level as your soulmate. This previous preparation is necessary, but it is certainly very rewarding when you meet your soulmate.

How to recognize the twin flames sign?

In life, you meet hundreds of people, so recognizing your twin flame in the crowd is no easy task. If you meet a special person, it is valid to ask the angels to show you signs to validate if this person is your soulmate. The first to evaluate is how you feel since your twin flame will give you happiness, harmony, balance, peace, and calmness in your heart filling you with the purest and infinite love. Another useful practice is to meditate to perform an inner cleansing of all the fears and limitations you have, to free your heart and allow you to appreciate the magnificence of love in your life.

If you constantly perceive the number 1111 around you, it is not a coincidence but a clear sign your soulmate is around you. How often you perceive the number 1111 will increase the value of your union with your twin flame. It is also an indicator to prepare yourself on a spiritual level for this wonderful encounter. Likewise, a sign you cannot overlook is the feeling of having met that person for a long time, even when this is not the case. There are confidence, chemistry, and peace within you that reflects perfectly how the two can easily understand each other even when you don't have much time together. It is fascinating to see this connection in the couple. It allows you to have a better life perspective.

Evaluate yourself if you experienced significant changes in your life to improve it. For example, quitting smoking, having a healthier diet, doing new exercise routines, improving your work productivity. This usually happens because when you are in touch with your twin flame there is a deep transformation within you. So without you realizing it, it is possible your attitudes both to yourself and the surrounding people have improved, making a better version of yourself. Although it is important to note your twin flame has not asked for it, it is an effect occurring immediately on each of you.

Another sign you can notice when you are with your twin flame is how everything flows perfectly, there are unparalleled balance and alignment. There are no nerves as to what to say, what to do, or how to agree because even when you have different opinions there will always be a point of respect where you can reach an agreement without major problems. For twin flames, it is more important to love and respect than to be right. The harmony that exists in both is fascinating, you can be together in silence and without words feel loved, because the connection is spiritual, is deep in the heart. Both can understand each other even in the distance, communicate with a glance and give themselves in totality no matter what the circumstances are.

Stages of a relationship with twin flames.

In the relationship with the twin flames, seven stages can be identified, which consist of recognition, trial, crisis, escape, surrender, radiance, and harmonization.
  1. In the stage of recognition, each twin flame has as its fundamental mission to understand what its purpose in life is and thus, to have an elevated level of consciousness. At this point, the twin flames are recognized on a spiritual level and you will feel like you already know each other.
  2. The trial stage is when the ego, patterns, and limiting beliefs of one of the two appear. It is when there is an internal conflict over what a couple should be. These are moments of great uncertainty because both must go through a cleansing of those patterns only limiting the manifestation of love.
  3. The purpose of the crisis stage is to allow the couple to heal, meditate, and mature in terms of their emotions. During the crisis stage, all those dysfunctions and emotional patterns will come out preventing them from revealing the purest love.
  4. As the ego is very strong in the human body, it will be a source of manipulation, anger, pain, resistance, and challenge. Therefore, in the stage of escape, the purpose will be the couple, individually, to find a space to heal, to connect with your spiritual self, and to free yourself from the manipulation of the human ego. It is essential to free oneself from the ego because otherwise, you will not be able to advance to the next stages.
  5. In the stage of surrender, is when the results of the relationship between the twin flames are placed in the hands of the universe. It is a complete acceptance the couple will be united at the best time for both. You will not feel fear, nor anguish, only faith and confidence the encounter will happen when both are prepared to manifest the best of each other. The moment one of the two manages to free oneself from the ego limiting you, you reach a form of unconditional love allowing you to wait for your partner for as long as necessary. You will not judge or blame your partner but only wait until their awakening.
  6. During the radiance, the divine love through the body of the twin flame vibrates in such a way it helps to elevate humanity. It is considered a complete spiritual awakening. The person radiates divine love and all the abilities are used to serve everyone around you.
  7. At this stage is when both have achieved union on the physical plane so both energies can reach their maximum potential and can positively influence humanity.

It is important to point out how each stage plays a fundamental role in the spiritual evolution of the twin flames; everything has a purpose that cannot be ignored. Therefore, even when you are not in contact with your twin flame it is necessary to seek the path to your spiritual awakening, be alert to the angelic numbers, the signs around you and take your time to meditate. It is a process to get you closer to your twin flame every day. Also, the faster you free yourself from the ego and limiting patterns, the easier it will be to love your twin flame unconditionally.

How the twin flames love looks like?

The love between twin flames is expressed in its highest possible form. The energy in both is magnetic and completely spiritual. They are the reflection of each other. Sometimes you need to understand the love of twin flames with greater depth because it is an expression guided by the universe, it does not understand superficialities or seek to surprise those around you. Both vibrate in total harmony, in the surrender and unconditional love. The bond between the two twin flames is indestructible.

Even when both are at an evolved level, the relationship continues to mold them into manifestations of the purest love. By joining the two, they merge in the same way love merges with wisdom, and intellect with the heart. In this sense, the twin flames have an understanding of each other allowing them to be free. It is such freedom that allows the beauty each one has to be revealed. It is an inner guarantee where there is no fear, no insecurity, no jealousy, just total surrender, two people who complement each other, but with the free will to continue building their path in their unique way.

The love of the twin flames is so strong and solid as it comes from the very light each one emits. The twin flames spend so much time focused on their spiritual awakening, that when they manage to raise their inner light, it is when they attract their partner. The twin flames can establish such a sublime connection only if the light is within each of them. The twin flame will love you unconditionally, and both will walk the path of spirituality together. It is a union that besides love will bring you light, fullness, support, tolerance, respect, freedom, tenderness, inner strength, fidelity, purity, stability, and patience.

The beauty of a relationship between twin flames is being able to love each other unconditionally without giving up your personality, without ceasing to be yourself. There will be respect and understanding of the other person's tastes, there will be no judgments or prejudices because otherwise, it will bring suffering to the couple. Together you know the choices you made are the ones that brought you together and therefore your spiritual path has worked to keep you united at this time. All are part of divine synchrony, which has formed in the universe since creation, are spheres of light with the mission of fulfilling its divine purpose.

You are together but you do not have a dependent relationship. The twin flames are independent, free, and self-sufficient, but together are even more powerful, hence the importance of freedom from limiting patterns. The couple will be able to bring to humanity their light, their unconditional love, and their evolved abilities. Together you are a caring and loving people, who flow without difficulty and bring a limitless source of energy to spread to everyone around you. The twin flames live from the heart, are prepared for the unexpected and are fully confident in the fact the universe always protects and cares for them. It is a powerful experience that has no equal.

twin flame

The difference between twin soul, twin flame and soulmate.

There is generally doubt as to what a twin flame, a twin soul, or soulmate is. Hundreds of professionals have studied this, but the difference in terms lies in the depth of the relationship. For example, the twin flame because of its high level of spirituality is a once in a lifetime occurrence, and the body travels many lives before reaching that longed-for encounter. On the other hand, twin souls, manifest a very special love, but their relationship is not necessarily a couple. Your best friend can be your twin soul. In fact, they claim that you can have several twin souls in life.

One way to appreciate what twin souls are is to see them as extensions of yourself, which do not understand limits or boundaries. It is a similar vibration where love is manifested and the warm presence of your twin soul immediately will open your heart to receive that love, peace, and serenity. Also, you must understand you are never completely separated from your twin soul. You are always united even when you have separate lives or are on completely different paths. One of the best ways to connect with your twin soul is through meditation, sending it your love vibrations daily to nurture it and let it know you are there unconditionally despite the distance.

The love of twin souls does not necessarily take the form of a couple or a family. This is where releasing the limiting patterns that govern exactly how a couple should be, comes from. Twin souls are free, and their love is infinite, so you must not under any circumstances limit their way of expressing themselves and existing. That is the beauty of love, it has many ways to express itself, it never expects anything in return and its pleasure is found in giving all of itself. The love of a twin soul under any circumstances generates hatred, jealousy, conflict, since they have a higher level of consciousness, is the love raised to its highest expression.

To find our twin soul is necessary to learn to listen to your intuition, learn to trust yourself because the inner voice will be the guide to help us reach a meeting point with your beloved. Another important aspect is to learn to read our body energy, what are the frequencies sent to the world, and how you can raise your footprint to a spiritual level. You should not feel insecure or afraid, you can seek angelic help, interpret the messages angels send you to see beyond the situations you live. Thus, you can see a broader picture of what is happening in your life and how you flow into the divine plan for an even greater and more powerful mission.

As human beings, you are destined to learn through life lessons to manifest love. Therefore, throughout your entire existence, you will experience different ways of loving. From the moment of birth, you are loved. The important is to learn to see every relationship in our lives as a reflection of who you are. This understanding will make you build a better relationship with each one of us and will help you manifest love in a simpler, more natural, and spontaneous way. It will also be vital to see in others a side of yourself, to be more empathic and understanding from now on. That is what twin souls do, love infinitely, understand each other, and use that special and divine love to bring the magic of heaven to earth.

The meaning of number 1111 for twin flames.

Sometimes due to the rush of everyday life, you ignore the signs ahead of you. The main one is when you often see the same time, such as 11:11, or notice how you always go to the same place every November 11, 11/11 being the date of the event. These signs where you often see the number 1111 is not a coincidence, but a call of attention from the angels to visualize the world and what is happening in your life in a deeper and more spiritual sense.

Angel number 1 is the representation of creativity, leadership, and self-sufficiency. When its message comes multiplied, it has an even stronger meaning as it is when it shares 1111 with you. At this time in your life, seeing the number 1111 means you are communicating with your twin flame through a very special bond. You are souls full of good energies, and spirituality speaking both are synchronizing with each other. Therefore, you must pay more attention to what your heart dictates, because without realizing it, on an unconscious level you are connecting with your twin flame, and these forces of love cannot be ignored.

Remember you are two beings of energies traveling through the universe separated but always seeking to finally meet to nourish yourselves. But this date will only come if you have a higher level of spirituality, a deeper awareness of love because you are about to experience a connection with your match, which is wonderful and simply beyond words. Thus, the angels through the number 1111 confirm how much closer you are than you imagine to experiencing an unparalleled encounter with your soul mate.

How are the relationship between twin flames?

When discussing dating and relationships from a twin-flame point of view, it is much more complex. You see yourself in the eyes of your partner. This allows the relationship to be deeper, more mature, and honest. There will be empathy and respect because there is a greater understanding of both. Each person puts themselves into each other's shoes every time, to offer them the best life experiences, to nurture and balance each situation with lots of love, truthfulness, respect, and peace. This is why the connection and relationship between soul mates are so strong.

However, it is key to study numerology compatibility when you are starting the relation, or are in the stages of dating often. In this study you will have a better view of how you might do in the future, what are the qualities of each other in compatibility for the relationship to be fruitful as well as what are the weaknesses you will need to improve to strengthen the relationship. The important aspect will always be to understand you are looking for your numerological compatibility to grow as a couple, to be able to identify what can separate you and work on it before it becomes a problem for both of you.

Always remember to discover all the qualities of your partner that make you fall in love again and again, so you can focus on love and build a spiritually uplifting relationship. You must become aware of the love you are manifesting for each other, treasure it, enjoy it, live it, and make it grow day by day because it is one of the experiences that marks a before and after in each one of us.

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