How to make money on Youtube by uploading videos?

With the recent changes in the Youtube platform, all of us are looking at what are the best strategies we can take to grow and increase the amount of minutes viewed. From my humble point of view, I bring a compilation of answers to frequently asked questions that we all have had when creating a Youtube channel. I've been on the platform since its inception, and I feel it's time to share everything I've learned and can be helpful for future content creators.

Who created YouTube?

Steven Ched, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim in 2005.

At the beginning the platform was not as we know it today. I remember that in order to watch videos, you had to share one first, so that it was a kind of exchange. In the style of pages like Scribd. As it has become one of the most used sites worldwide, it has implemented hundreds of different strategies to keep its audience loyal. One of them was to respond to a video with another video. And each video had like a sub-menu of videos that were a response to the original. Nowadays it's different, it's called a reaction video, but the "reaction" is not tied to the original video. The arrival of the ads, evidently forced the platform to stop being a page to share videos of your daughter's 15th birthday and became a means of work, a source of income for many families. Therefore, certain standards began to be demanded in order to commercialize the videos, such as: quality audio, good lighting, an adequate format (hd if possible), and that the authorship of the content is respected. In short, Youtube changed its policies over and over again to adapt to the society in which it finds itself.

It should be noted that there are changes that arose due to the behavior of the audience itself. For example, update if the content is suitable for children or not, it is because it is a web accessible from the smallest of the house, so you should take care if it is suitable for them. The answers to the videos were eliminated, because there were girls (I would say the ones who originated the onlyfans) who posted their videos in popular videos without having any relation to the content, just to gain visits. The copyright on the content counts for itself. And yet, more changes will come to adjust these social platforms, because like everything else, it must be adapted to the needs of information and the use that can be given to it.

How Youtube works?

Youtube, like all social networks, seeks to keep people on the platform as long as possible. To capture attention for so long, it provides videos that are related to the interests of each person. The more videos a user consumes, the more data Youtube has about what their tastes are and therefore, will offer videos that can guarantee more viewing time.

Now, Youtube is looking for content creators who can guarantee the following aspects:

  • Quality content: a good structure from start to finish, that can solve a doubt or entertain the audience.
  • Good audio: this does not only imply cleaning the sound recorded with the microphone. This involves knowing how to use songs in a video, adding sound effects. Knowing how to manage the audio so that the viewer is not only hooked to the video by the visual aspect, but also by the listening experience.
  • Good graphics: at least the videos must be SD quality. Ideally, the content that channels upload to the platform should be 4K.
  • Consistency: as in any job, you must be consistent with the schedule you choose to upload your content. If it is once a month, always do it at the same time, no matter if it is only once a month.
  • Value contributions: the intention is that with each video the user takes away a significant contribution, it can be an entertaining moment, valuable information, the answer to a doubt, leaving the user motivated, happy, elevated.
  • Generate content: regardless of the frequency, the more content you generate, the more original and creative it is, the more Youtube will recommend your channel.

Youtube is currently no different than any other company. It will always look for people who are capable of being professionals when uploading content on the platform. Even when it knows that everything means growth and evolution, it keeps its doors open so that day by day people can create a new channel to establish their path within the platform. If you want to monetize on Youtube through Google Adsense you must comply with the 2-step verification, not have any strike and meet the goal of 4000 hours of playback in a year and 1000 followers on the channel.

Achieving channel monetization is just a sign that you have mastered the basics of YouTube and is just the beginning of a solid career on the platform.

Youtube 2022 Algorithm

Youtube says that they do not have any special algorithm to display the content. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

I will describe what happens when a user uploads a video to Youtube:

First of all, Youtube identifies the title, description and tags of your video in order to determine who might be interested in your content.

If you already have followers, it will show your video to 10% to evaluate your content. That 10% chosen is random. You don't know who was notified that you have uploaded a video.

Youtube will see if users clicked to view the video, this will help identify if the thumbnail attracts clicks.

From the users who have watched the video, it will evaluate if they watched the whole video. If the audience lasted less than 5 seconds it will not count it as a view. It will most likely label your video as clickbait since it is strange that many people leave the video at the beginning.

If people watched your video in a higher proportion, say 30% or 50% of the video, it will show it to more users.

However, it is likely that there are videos that have no views at all from the first moment. This is because Youtube does not identify who your audience is. It doesn't know who is interested in your video.

Therefore, you have two options. Share your video in groups with people who are really interested in your information, so that Youtube understands the pattern of people who consume your content or change title, thumbnail, and tags. Because probably one of the 3 is not working.

Don't try to "hack the system" looking for your family to watch the video just to have accumulated views and minutes, because unless they are the audience you are looking for, this will only confuse the algorithm, and it won't know who to show your video to.

For example, if your video is about Free Fire, share your video in Garena groups so that people who already like the game can watch your video. This way, Youtube will be able to determine who likes to watch your video and can recommend it often.

Another factor of the algorithm is that Youtube recommends your videos to the extent that you already have more content on your channel. This is to ensure that if a user likes what you share, they can watch your channel and continue consuming videos. The idea is that the user does not leave Youtube.

Do not despair if at the beginning it does not recommend you, it's all a matter of feeding the channel with solid foundations so that when the time comes, your channel can receive thousands of subscribers and not disappoint any of them.

Circular Strategy

In terms of content, we must create a kind of cycle, so that people are always watching our videos; it is to be the next suggested video that the audience wants to see. It is to create a kind of "I want more of this channel" and keep followers watching your videos one after another. Sounds great doesn't it, but to achieve this we must create at least 5 videos that are related to each other. For example, if we are a beauty channel, the cycle can be:

  1. Makeup for Valentine's Day
  2. Valentine's Day Hairstyle
  3. Outfit for Valentine's Day
  4. Ideal gift for Valentine's Day
  5. Perfect places for a date on Valentine's Day

So, your followers will need to watch all 5 videos to be fully prepared for Valentine's Day. And you should make sure to link the videos, i.e. add the link to the other videos or your channel in the description of each video. Also add end screen and annotations to each video in the series. This way, not only will they stay hooked with you through the suggested videos but also, they will have the opportunity to see you through more links. It's leaving the doors open for them to find you!

When you think about creating your circular strategy, remember the effect caused by some TV series, that get us hooked and we are able to watch all the chapters a weekend, one after another without leaving home, because we love it! Find in you, that factor that everyone loves and why they come back to watch your videos. Take advantage of it to engage your audience in the same way. The great advantage of the circular strategy is that it increases viewership minutes and builds loyalty with your audience.

How to gain views on Youtube?

Getting more views on our YouTube videos is the result of many actions performed correctly, if one of the criteria below fails, you will see how your video is affected. But, if you follow each step to the letter, your videos will increase views considerably. So let's get started.

Aspect no. 1: Just because you want to make a video on a topic, doesn't mean that other people are interested in it. What may be a good idea for you is not necessarily a tool for others. And although it may not seem like it, if people are not interested in a topic, who is going to watch your video?. Therefore, there are 2 tools that will help you know if there is a market for your idea. You will be able to know before you invest your time if people are looking for information on that topic and what questions they are asking. This way, you can contribute videos that solve doubts or that you directly know if there are people interested in watching it.

The first tool is Tubebbudy. There is a Keyword Explorer where you will search for keywords based on the topic of your video. The tool will tell you in relation to the content of your channel if the idea is searched on YouTube, if there is competition for that topic, and what is your chance of ranking with your video. From 0 to 100 it will tell you how feasible the idea is. If there is a lot of competition, it will not be convenient to talk about that topic because the visits will be divided among many people, but if there is low competition and many people looking for that content, you have got a gold mine.

Which brings us to the second tool Answer The Public. With the keywords that you already know work for your channel, you put them into this search engine and it will tell you everything that people are searching for related to that topic. It will include questions, phrases, keywords, comparisons, extensive information about what people are looking for so that you can organize your ideas and prepare the best possible content.

In fact, in your video you can answer several of these questions and create a chapter for each one. This will ensure that when a user searches for that question, either on YouTube or Google, your video will appear within the first results, since the algorithm will give priority to videos that allow the user to leave satisfied, which, knowing that your video has a good structure and answer to frequently asked questions, guarantees this goal.

What's more, Google has a snippet that shows the exact point in the video where you answer a question. Assuming that your video answers at least 5 questions, you have at least 5 chances to appear within the first results of the most used search engine today. This will generate constant visits to your video. Therefore, I insist that before making a video you should research if people require it, because otherwise you need an additional effort to gain views. Thinking of a video whose visits come from organic traffic, prevents you from having to invest in ads to make your video profitable.

Aspect no. 2. Video title.

It is one of the keys to a video gaining the most views and yet many people don't know how to get the most out of their titles.

The title tells the YouTube algorithm what your video is about. At the same time it is composed of keywords which are used by people and for which your video will appear in search results. On the other hand, when your video appears in the recommended section, a good title increases the chances of getting a new view. Therefore, every title should include:
  • Brand, game name, software name, location name, as the case may be. This in each video. Even if the channel always talks about the same topic, the name of the brand must be included in each video. Here are some examples: I make tutorial videos, so my titles always have the word tutorial in them. I have another channel where I work with brands like Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation, in the same way, I identify each Xbox video with its brand, and in the same way to the others. For gaming channels, you must put the name of the game in the title. Pretend you are the user who enters YouTube, you see a title that says: "my best plays". The first thing that comes to your mind is "best plays of what? Now, imagine you are the one who uploaded the video with that title. You ask yourself why my video has no views. I answer you with a simple question: how many people put in the search engine "my best plays". For this reason, it is completely important to include the brand or name in the title. You will probably get a higher amount of views if you title the video "My Best Plays in Call Of Duty Warzone", because, there are people searching for "best plays in call of duty", "best plays in call of duty warzone" and "call of duty warzone" videos directly. The same applies with other areas, it is not the same a title: "Party Makeup" to "Revlon Party Makeup". Anyone who wants to know what revlon products looks like, will find your video. But, if you don't have the product brand, your video will only be seen by people looking for party makeup, leaving aside a wide audience.
  • To evoke an emotion. Be it intrigue, interest, excitement, doubt, fear. People who identify with an emotion will be more likely to watch your video. For example: "How much can you earn on Twitch with 100 followers?" no doubt you are curious to know the answer, even if you are not a streamer, it is an interesting title. Would you watch it? Let's look at another example, "3 finance books that changed my life completely". It's in our nature to know why his life changed completely, are those books really that good, which books did he read? One last example: Can we be happy without friends? It's definitely a question that makes me think, and before watching the video we already have an answer but we want to know what the video is going to bring us, are they thinking what I'm thinking? These are ways to evoke emotions through the title. The more creative you are, the better results you will get. Here is a list of words that evoke emotions, which you can use in your titles.

    Words to evoke emotions:

    • Vibrant
    • Improved
    • Famous
    • Powerful
    • Expert
    • New
    • Secure
    • True
    • Works
    • Revealed
    • Best Idea
    • Elegant
    • Clever
    • Smart
    • Cute
    • Bold
    • Comfort
    • Relaxing
    • Abundant
    • Romantic
    • Unforgettable
    • Colorful
    • Urgent
    • Fresh
    • Genuine
    • Exclusive
    • Inusual
    • Unique
    • Free
    • Useful
    • Secret
    • Legendary
    • Easy
    • Fast

  • Emoji. Accentuate the title of your video by placing an emoji at the end of the title or to separate ideas. This helps to add emotions, emoji faces help to express more ideas within the title. The only thing I do not recommend is to use an emoji at the beginning of the title. From the technical point of view, an emoji is a set of characters and if we place the emoji at the beginning the algorithm will understand the following: "💓Romantic dinner in Paris" and "💓dinner" is not searched therefore, it reduces the chances that your video will be found. For safety, place the emoji in the center of the title to separate ideas, for example: "13 fantastic gift ideas for Father's Day 💓 Origami Tutorial" or at the end "Romantic dinner in Paris 💓", where it doesn't interfere with the search terms or keywords.

Aspect no. 3: Tags.

Tags are placed when you upload a video to Youtube. You look under the description that says "More options", and then you will find the box to place all the tags. However, the tags for a video are researched before you start uploading the video. I recommend researching the tags at the same time you check if the idea is feasible or not. Tubebuddy has the Keyword Explorer where you can check which tags would work for your video.

But you must keep in mind that the tags must be related to your video, as much as possible to ensure it gets views. I will give you several examples.

Example 1: The video is about "Powerbank for Iphone". If you put in the tags: powerbank, apple, iphone, you can be sure that your video will not be visited. These are very broad tags, with a lot of competition. In just powerbank you can find videos about powerbank for samsung, powerbank for huawei, powerbank for android, etc. So it's really not useful to use such broad terms. Now, you will have to answer the following questions: Which iphone models does the powerbank work for? Is the powerbank mini? Does the powerbank work with other cell phone brands? What type is the output of the powerbank? Thus, the labels may look as follows: "powerbank for iphone 13, powerbank mini type c, portable powerbank for iphone 12 pro max, powerbank compatible with iphone and samsung, 10000 mha powerbank, white powerbank for iphone 13 mini". Now you will understand that the algorithm knows who is interested in watching your video and therefore, by having searches like "powerbank for iphone 13" you are much more likely to appear in the first results.

In order to appear in the first search results you must have a good combination of title, thumbnail, tags and audience retention. If you have the perfect tags, but people don't see even half of your video, Youtube will not promote the video within the first positions.

Example 2: The video is about "Fortnite gameplay". Again, if we put gameplay and fortnite, these are very broad tags. The content of the video should direct you to which tags you need. For example, answer is the gameplay with a single character?, what is the game mode?, co-op, solo, etc., what season of fortnite does the gameplay belong to?, what language is the gameplay in, or does it have music only? That way, you will have ways to expand the tags and use something like: "gameplay fortnite season 8, gameplay fortnite on ps4, gameplay with carnage fortnite, carnage skin fornite gameplay, squad fortnite gameplay with carnage season 8". Therefore, you are more likely to gain visitors who are interested in such content.

There are tags that are very vague, for example, baseball. If you upload a video and in the tag you don't specify more information, your video gets lost in the crowd. Do you know how many baseball teams there are? How many baseball leagues there are in the world? The algorithm doesn't know who is interested in that video unless you tag the league, the teams involved, the season, names of the players featured in that game. Be as specific as possible. So it can get the views it deserves.

This concept fits to all topics. You have to think, it is not the same to compete for your video to be in the first position of the tag "cooking" compared to the tag "vegetarian cooking easy recipes". Obviously, the more specific you are, the less competition you have and the more likely you are to be found by people who are looking for your information. Another way to look at this situation is, imagine that the video is for vegetarians, and is in the category cooking, enters the video someone who does eat meat, obviously does not identify and leaves before seeing half of your video, it affects you in audience retention. It is not the same to get 10 vegetarians to watch your entire video as it is to get 100 people to watch less than half of it. Audience retention drops considerably when people don't watch the whole video. And the better your retention, the more Youtube recommends the video. This is one of the reasons why tags are so important, they help to segment the audience, identify the content of the video and be found within the search engine.

When does Youtube start recommending my videos?

Youtube starts recommending your videos when through the title, description, tags and content it recognizes who is the user interested in such information. For example, if it is a new channel, and you upload cooking videos, it needs to collect data to understand which users are interested in watching your recipes. Similarly with a music channel, it needs to recognize the style of music to know who likes the same genre.

Now, once your audience has been identified by the YouTube algorithm, the audience retention variable comes into consideration. The audience retention is the calculation resulting from the number of people who watch your video, how long they watched the video and the duration of your video. If 10 people watch half of your video, your retention will be 50%. The higher the audience retention, the more people Youtube recommends the video to.

YouTube's algorithm assumes that if a person watches a video in its entirety, it means that he or she liked the content and therefore keeps recommending it. A user who does not enjoy a video abandons it before it ends, even at the beginning. If the first users who watch a video abandon it immediately, YouTube understands that this video is not recommended. And that's why it stops receiving visits. To change this, you must look for people who want to watch your content and share your video, to gain visits that tell the algorithm, "hey this video is worth it".

When counting on organic traffic, it may take time to get YouTube to understand when a video is worth watching. Because it requires gathering information about the user who would be interested and it takes time to measure retention.

You can share your video in forums of the same topic. For example, on technology forums you can share your compaq laptop repair videos, or on reddit on FIFA channels you can share your best FIFA teams. This is the way YouTube will recognize the pattern of users watching your channel and get better retention.

If you are looking for forums to get views for views or likes for likes, you are killing the channel. Because YouTube doesn't know who is really interested in your videos and doesn't recommend it. These are users with different characteristics and, therefore, it is difficult to understand who your audience is. Also, if they don't watch the video for the most part, they indicate to YouTube that the video is not good, and yes, you accumulate the view of those people who "help you" but you don't attract the audience for which you created your channel.

Your goal when creating the YouTube channel should be focused on:

  1. Create content that people want to see.
  2. Take care of the audiovisual aspects. Good transitions, clean audio, music at an appropriate volume, legible lyrics, etc.
  3. Excellent pronunciation and public speaking skills. Includes having a good vibe when in front of the camera.
  4. Research the tags, description and title beforehand.
  5. Create an attractive thumbnail for your video.
  6. Create an enjoyable user experience that keeps the user inside YouTube.
  7. Grow with each video. Always, in the next video you upload, have an element that you can improve, that you can take to the next level. This way you will be learning and accumulating experience within the platform.

YouTube will automatically recommend your videos. It's a learning curve. It takes time, but it's definitely a goal that everyone can achieve.

How to gain more followers on Youtube?

First of all, you must have good content. People subscribe only if you have good content to enjoy when they access YouTube. In fact, you don't need to place calls to action on every video. If your video is good, people will automatically follow you.

And, secondly, have a defined theme. People follow a channel because it provides answers to a topic, and if your channel is very varied or the information is totally different from one another, they will hardly subscribe to your channel.

Also, give your audience a reason to follow you. It's the way you show your content. If you make a video that solves absolutely all your audience's doubts, why would they come back? They already know everything. On the other hand, if you break up the information, there will always be a reason to return to your channel and therefore, subscribe.

In fact, it's better if people want to subscribe to your channel out of their own free will. It is an audience that does it because they enjoy watching you. On the other hand, if in your video you say more than 3 times to subscribe to your channel but you haven't even shown what your information is about, you simply bias your viewer and he/she will be less likely to follow you.

Respond to comments on your videos. People may comment but not subscribe, but if they see that you are active on your YouTube channel, they will be more likely to follow you. Be warm and friendly to people who comment on your videos. After all, they are giving their time and attention to your personal project.

Another way to gain followers on YouTube is by participating in forums where you can give your opinion on topics related to your channel. Leave in your profile the link to your YouTube channel, and every time someone is curious to know who you are, they will have the direct link to your YouTube channel. Be careful, don't spam, make quality comments, with a strong opinion, offering help or a solid perspective on the topic. The intention is to leave a memorable mark, and not to be just another one that doesn't connect with others. Alternatively, add the link as a signature in emails. Or in any of your social media profiles, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Always improve one aspect of each video, be it audio, presentation, public speaking, editing. People notice how you increase the quality of your channel, and that calls them to subscribe. As long as content is king, and you give your best, you can be sure that followers will come. It's all a matter of patience, learning and perseverance. The most important will always be to create an amazing video that meets the expectations of your audience. The rest will come by itself.

How to read Youtube analytics?

YouTube Analytics is a tool we should use with care. Being glued to analytics every second does not help our mental health and to stay creative. What we should pay attention to within the analytics are basically 3 aspects: at what times your audience is most active, the gender of your audience and the most viewed videos in each period.

You need to check what times your audience is most active so you can upload videos on the days and times when your video is most likely to be viewed. At the beginning, channels that are just starting out don't have the hours part active, but you can try uploading videos at different times and days to evaluate which ones did better and adapt to that behavior. As your channel gets more data about the audience you will be able to reach the part of YouTube Analytics that shows the best times to publish. Once you have it active, you should take into account that the data will change as you have more followers. Therefore, you should always make sure that your videos are published at the most active times. This aspect undoubtedly helps to have more views. And, this way you only strive to create a good video for the days that really works. Your video can be great, but if you post it without paying attention to how your audience behaves, the video may go unnoticed.

Although it may not seem like it, the gender of the audience will influence the way you present your channel. If it's a completely male audience you'll use colors for the thumbnail that are between a blue, green, purple and red palette. But, if your audience is entirely female, you may want to use softer, pastel colors for the thumbnails. You have to put yourself in your audience's shoes: what kind of thumbnail do you click on? What colors does it have? How would the opposite sex feel about your thumbnails? Even within the same content, jokes, memes and terminology can vary according to who sees you, since the idea is that everyone feels welcome within your community. Unless your main objective is to target the channel to a single audience. In either case, keeping this in mind will help you understand how you want to continue with the channel.

Example: I am a woman and I make tutorials. I found that most of my audience is male. So, I started using less pink colors and more neutral colors in the thumbnails and inside the tutorials to make everyone feel comfortable. On the other hand, I have another channel that was made exclusively for guys, and suddenly it started getting views from girls, so now I dedicate two videos a week to the new audience I have. That way there is a balance in the channel, where everyone feels involved, taken into account.

Finally, evaluate which are the most viewed videos of your channel by time periods. This can be 90 days, 30 days and one week. Not always the videos that we bet on are the most successful within our channel, therefore, it is necessary to verify how the audience receives the videos and from there, adapt the next content. For example, I upload videos from blogger and mobincube. I love blogger videos because I consider that almost nobody talks about the infinite possibilities it offers, but my audience loves mobincube videos. Hence, for every 3 videos I upload from mobincube I upload one from blogger, being aware that I do it because I like it and not because my audience is waiting for it. On the other hand, there are those who evaluate which videos they like the most and create long series to keep the audience loyal and excited with the content they like the most. But I must warn, this is viable as long as it doesn't exhaust your creative freedom. Remember that at the end of the day the content creator is you.

I don't look at the likes. Nor do I ask for them. The real sign that people like your content is retention. The higher the retention, the more they like what you do or say. If they leave you a like, but don't watch your video, they don't help you at all and can even stall your video, since YouTube won't recommend it unless each person who enters watches a good proportion of the video. Regarding dislikes, I consider that the joke tells itself.

So the healthy approach is to produce good content, check the days when your audience is active and evaluate from time to time which videos are most viewed, in order to create new content or to know which topics are most popular.

How often should I upload videos to YouTube?

A channel that is not consistent in posting its videos will not have an engaged audience. This rule is simply not going to change. The ideal is to upload at least one video a month. Don't let a month go by during the year that you haven't uploaded your video. Now, there are different variables that can help you improve or not the frequency in which you post your videos.

Content: the information you are going to share determines how often you can upload a video to YouTube. For example, if you want to create a travel channel, you will most likely either record several videos and distribute them in such a way that you can travel again and there is no gap in the channel. Or upload a single video per month, longer and more elaborate about each trip. Can you travel every month?. There are vehicle mechanics channels. These channels must buy the parts to make the repairs and fixes they show in their videos, you must ask yourself, do you have the budget to get the materials every month or to record more frequently?. When you are starting out, set realistic goals. Count the tools and resources available to really know how often you can just record the video (editing is an additional account). If it's a gaming channel, how long does it take you to get a game worth sharing? Programming channels, you must test that the code actually works before you start recording, plus most must create a blog post or a guide in order to share the code, and this must be ready before uploading the video to YouTube, which requires additional effort. On the other hand, makeup channels, if they have the right equipment, can increase the frequency of uploading videos to one or two per week, because it may be faster to produce the video. It depends on the equipment you have.

Length: if it is a video of more than an hour, I suggest one per month. For two reasons, firstly because editing such a long video takes time and secondly, because one hour videos in a row end up overwhelming the audience, and you may end up with less views. In fact, I propose that if you are starting out on YouTube, keep videos short, and as your audience retention is good, increase the length. If your videos are 10 minutes long, you can upload two videos a week. If you dedicate your channel to shorts, with 4 shorts a week you are more than ready to succeed (as long as the content allows it).

Planning: we can schedule the uploading of our videos. That is, we can in advance make all the videos that we are going to publish in a month, but, schedule them to appear every week on the same days, one by one. This way, you can plan to create content for a month, schedule it and only respond to the community when you receive comments about it. Guaranteeing your followers new content throughout the month and responsibly fulfilling your goal of improving on YouTube. What day should I publish my videos? Simple, on the days in which, in your statistics, you have the largest audience, generally. This way you will be taking advantage of your followers' willingness to watch your videos. It will translate into an audience that will want to share your videos, comment on them and like them, just because they know you are always there for them. In addition, consistency comes with new followers.

Learning to know yourself, your capabilities and the tools you have at your disposal will make the difference when uploading videos. So don't worry if you can only upload one video a month, what's important is that you don't sacrifice quality and content by wanting to upload more videos than you really have the capacity. If you force the uploading of videos, you will end up exhausted, and the audience perceives it. Instead, well-made videos, with good vibes and information, will gain more traction in the long run. In addition, constant adaptation to changes in the platform is required, so you should always give space to learn and apply the new features in your videos.

On the other hand, it is not a myth that if you do not upload constant videos your channel does not suffer. In my experience, for a week that I did not publish videos, my channel stagnated completely and it took me more than two months to recover the rhythm of the audience. On the other hand, in the channel where I was constant, the curve of views and subscriptions has kept growing steadily. So, it is better to plan well how often you are going to upload the video, than to stop uploading content and lose the effort you had already put in your channel.

Youtube or Twitch

There are several ways to decide. You can approach it from the point of view of the work, tools needed, type of monetization you aspire to use and personal calling.

On YouTube you must: do SEO research before creating the video, produce the content, edit the thumbnails and combine all of the above within YouTube when uploading the video. Once published, it should be posted on social networks and promoted to increase the reach of the video and not rely solely on organic traffic. A video on YouTube, depending on the type of content, can be valid for more than 10 years. An example is JulioProfe's videos, a mathematics video does not lose validity, so that work can generate income for a long time.

Now, in Twitch, before starting the stream, you must verify that the game works well, set up the obs, the scenes, the alerts. Check the stability of the internet. Check that the moderation bots are active. Post on the social networks that you will start the stream so you can go live with the audience. Once the stream is up and running, attend and entertain all the people who join you. The stream is not about the streamer, it is about the "chat", play with them, talk to them, make them feel cared for and included in everything you do. Stored streams can have a duration of 60 days within Twitch. That's why most of them are downloaded, edited and uploaded to YouTube, so that they remain in time.

If you think Twitch is easier because you don't have to edit anything, you're on the wrong side of the information. Entertaining people live is not easy, and you need knowledge of public speaking, of knowing how to guide a conversation, apart from "playing". The point against Twitch is the fact you have to make use of social networks to make yourself known to begin with. On the other hand, on YouTube, with a good SEO you can easily make a living from organic traffic.

Depending on the type of content, you can edit videos from the phone itself. You need at least 4GB of RAM to make videos for YouTube with the cell phone. Even less (depending on the content, I make videos with 2GB of RAM). On the other hand, on Twitch, if it's from the cell phone you need 8GB to be able to stream. From the PC you can edit videos with 4GB of RAM, but to stream you need between 8GB to 16GB of RAM depending on the game (it can be even more). To edit videos, you don't need to change your PC often, but to be a streamer you need to increase the quality of your PC from time to time because the games are getting heavier and need more RAM. The question is, can you keep up with Twitch using your tools?

Personal experience: in May 2021 I couldn't stream because the Twitch update made my 2GB RAM cell phone obsolete. I could not stream because the application would close. A few months later, a friend with a 4GB phone had the same thing happen to her. Twitch updates very fast and asks for devices with more RAM for each update. Now, on YouTube, I'm still active with videos and editing at ease with the same 2GB.

As for the way to monetize, it is determinant to choose. If you belong to the Amazon Associates program, the option is to make streams on Twitch. Amazon promotes the streams in the game categories. For example, if you belong to the program and you stream Mario Kart, when you are live, in the Mario Kart section it says "Do you want to watch this game live? And it guides the user to your live stream. Everything you sell, you will get commission. Apart from that, you can receive Twitch bits and donations, revenue share for the ads in your stream. Sell your own merchandise.

On YouTube generally the focus is to make money with Google AdSense, but it requires you to have 4000 hours of viewing in a year and 1000 followers. With Amazon Associates you are not required to have followers, you can promote their products and generate a commission per sale. The same applies to other affiliate programs. It all depends on the content you produce. If you make gaming videos, you can sell refill cards for the game in question. If you work in the beauty area, you can sell the cosmetics you show in the tutorials. Another monetization model is to sell courses and consulting. These alternative methods do not require you to have the minimum number of hours, to generate sales you must be creative and promote the product well.

The boost that Amazon gives to streamers is considerable, but you must be aware from the beginning of how you want to monetize your content to be able to make the decision of which of the two platforms suits you best. And take into account the tools you have to get started and the work involved in each platform.

The personal call is the voice that shouts to you from inside, "do it! It is personal, no one can tell you that you are talented for one platform or another, you are the one who decides what you like to do and what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve it. But, listen to the voice. Whatever you decide takes work, dedication and consistency.

When do I have to make collaborations on my YouTube channel?

Finding a channel for collaborations is no easy task. But, leaving aside collaborations is no longer an option. It's time to help each other, because there are many ways to collaborate between channels. Here I will list some of them:

  1. Exchange playlists on both channels.
  2. Add the channel as featured.
  3. Recommend the other channel in a video or make a special mention.
  4. Conduct an interview via videoconference.
  5. Create music for another channel's video.
  6. Assist in the editing of another channel video.
  7. Work on the same theme and create together the same playlist to be shared on both channels.

The advantage of collaborations is that your collaborator's followers can be yours. Therefore, it is essential that your partner has a theme in line with your channel. So that both can benefit from the collaboration. In addition, you should consider a scenario where the collaboration is frequent, that is to say, help each other for more than one video. What is important is to make yourself known, to expand the sources of traffic to your channel.

How to make money on Youtube by uploading videos?

There are several methods, you can work with sponsors and get paid for the mention or for dedicating a whole video to them. You have the opportunity to review products and earn money through affiliate links. You can create your own merchandise and sell it to your fans. You can also opt for Google AdSense which pays you per view amount.

To get sponsorships you can join these two pages (simultaneously) Coobis and SocialPubli. You link your YouTube account (there is also the possibility of linking other accounts such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) and the page will assign you a cost in relation to the metrics you have at that moment. When a brand is interested in your profile, you will receive an email with the notification and you decide if you like the campaign, the theme, the time you have for delivery and you can accept the sponsorship or reject it. It is a way to get sponsorships easily without worrying that they will not pay, because the page is responsible for handling the entire transaction, you just have to take care of meeting deadlines and the guidelines that the brand gave you. The money is paid through PayPal or bank account (depending on the payment method). Click here to sign up for Coobis and aquí para registrarte en socialpubli.

Another way to get sponsorships is by using Fiverr. You place a gig where you mention the theme of your channel, how many followers it has, and what they get when they hire you, whether a mention or a dedicated video. By doing this, people can decide if they want to hire you. The clearer you are with the guidelines, the better the working relationship will be. You don't have to worry about having 1000 followers, as there are brands that are focused on engagement and getting noticed. Of course, you decide yourself how much you want to charge and the delivery time. Payment on Fiverr is through Payoneer and PayPal. Click here to sign up for Fiverr. But you also have the option to sell Fiverr services and earn a commission. Have you ever seen Youtubers comparing jobs from Fiverr sellers? Well, the idea is to get the word out about how Fiverr works and earn commission every time someone hires services through your link. You receive the commission through PayPal or Payoneer. To sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program click here.

If you want to create your own digital products, such as books, templates, drawings, art, audiobooks, music, filters, etc. you have the possibility to use Payhip. You can sell your products individually here or build up a store. The idea is that in the description of your YouTube video or in the first comment attached to each video you promote your store, so your fans can buy your products. Since it is digital merchandise, the user pays and immediately receives your product. You can sell books, software, images, filters, templates, clothing, courses, physical products and more. Click here to sign up for Payhip.

Another way to generate income is by selling gift cards from well-known stores. To do so, Bitrefill has a referral program where for every $50 your referral buys, you and your referral earn $5, which they can withdraw to their account or exchange for a gift card. The great advantage of this site is that they sell gift cards worldwide, so you can have referrals from any country. Likewise, you must put in the description of the video that if they want to buy gift cards for a video game they can use your link to earn both an additional $5. They can also buy gift cards for food and clothing stores. The variety of affiliated stores is very wide, so it is easy to get the $5 for each referral. To register at Bitrefill click here.

Finally, you can use programs such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank and Hotmart, but you must first verify that they accept your country of residence and payment methods. You can make videos of a product, comparisons between several products and generate income for each sale you make. What's good is that you don't need a large audience to generate sales. All you need to do is create the links, place them in the description or commentary and promote the video to increase your chances of generating sales.

When does Youtube start paying you?

YouTube starts paying you when you reach 4000 hours of views in a year and 1000 followers. You get paid by check when you reach $100 which is mailed to your home address. Now, you can also receive a bonus for YouTube Shorts, which does not require number of followers or views, but you must be attentive to your email and YouTube Studio mobile application to claim the bonus within 25 days of receiving the notification. The bonus can be from $100 and up. So your motivation should be not only to achieve the hours of visualization, but to maintain the number and keep increasing it to be able to generate a salary through Google AdSense.

How to make money on Youtube without uploading videos?

You can make money being part of the YouTube family if you have talents such as editor, promoter, designer, among others. Just create a profile on Fiverr and promote your services. You can research tags, keywords, do market research, edit videos, make copyright-free music for videos, be a narrator, originate thumbnails and channel banners, remove video backgrounds, edit photos. The good thing is that you can promote all these services on Fiverr and get your customers in no time. The terms of service are set by you, as well as the delivery times. Just make sure you can keep your word so that people can buy your service again and give you a good reputation on Fiverr. To register on Fiverr click here.

However, there are people who sell likes for YouTube videos and views. How do they do it? They register on pages such as AddmeFast and Like4Like. On these pages, for a certain amount of money, people like or view the video. But, if you don't have money, you can like the videos yourself in exchange for some points. These points will be used to exchange them for likes and views on the videos you want. Thus, you don't invest money, but time, you sell the likes and receive the money from your client in your PayPal. Is this correct? Before YouTube's eyes, the video will have the likes and views, but as the audience is without a pattern, YouTube will hardly promote the video. Those who buy the likes are aware that they are not reaching the audience they want but they want to fool themselves. Bottom line is, it is a method of making money with YouTube without uploading videos.

SEO tools for Youtube

The first SEO tool is Tubebbudy. Its benefits are incredible. It has a keyword explorer where you can visualize if the phrases you are going to place in your video title have searches in YouTube as well as in the main search engines. Depending on the volume of searches and competition it tells you if the idea is feasible or not. The lower the competition and the higher the volume of searches, the better your video will do. In addition, this tool allows you to search for the tags you are going to use in the video. What I like the most is that its plug-in allows you to visualize which tags your competitors use. Another of its functions is that when you upload the video on YouTube it tells you where you are likely to rank with the tags you are using. Which is incredibly useful because you can actually use the tags that help you get a better spot in the search results.

The second SEO tool is Answer The Public. You enter the keywords and it will tell you everything they search for in relation to those keywords. It has two ways of presenting the information through a graph or through lists. You can download in an Excel file all the keywords. This helps you create the content of your video, because beforehand you already know what people need to know about a topic. You can brainstorm and produce better content because the list is very detailed. What makes it even more phenomenal is that you can search by country. Use the country that sees you the most on YouTube. This way, you can use the same terminology, because from country to country the terms to refer to the same object may vary. This gives you an advantage over the rest, because you can adapt your vocabulary and content according to the country you want to capture. For example, if your channel is about cooking recipes you can make a video about papaya juices and another video about milky juices. In the first video the main audience will be from Mexico and in the second video it will be Venezuela. Or make a single video but in the tags use both names.

Youtube Training

As Socrates said, "I only know that I know nothing" and for this, we have at your disposal Youtube Creators, with more than 30 totally free courses to create completely profitable channels on Youtube. It is to take advantage and learn the rules of the platform, techniques and strategies, just a click away. It also has the bonus that at the end of each course, you will have your certificate of approval. The tools they offer are adapted to all types of channels and all levels of previous knowledge, that is, from courses for beginners to expert Youtubers.

Grow Your Audience With Youtube Marketing, is another great trainning from Fiverr. This course covers everything you need to know about setting up your YouTube channel, navigating the interface, using AdWords to create promotional videos, creating quality content, writing high-converting descriptions, building successful funnels and unlocking and mastering advanced features that will help you to grow your brand. You can sign up here.

Now there are also different books that teach you step by step how to succeed. Among the most outstanding ones we have:

YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer. In YouTube Secrets, online video experts Sean Cannell and Benji Travis draw on a decade of experience as well as interviews with more than one hundred top creators to give you a step-by-step YouTube success playbook. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, this book will show you how to use YouTube to build a following, create a lucrative business, and make a massive impact in people’s lives.

Make Money On YouTube: Start And Monetize A New YouTube Channel In 6 Simple Steps (Make Money From Home).In this easy-to-follow guide, the authors have taken all the guesswork out of the equation and provided a foolproof plan for getting started. Using simple steps, this book will cover everything you’ll need to master YouTube’s popular platform. You’ll learn from the authors’ experience along with other examples of successful YouTube channels that making it on YouTube is not just a pipe dream for social media influencers, but for anyone who is willing to put in the work.

The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing: The Proven Method For Building Money-Making YouTube Ad Campaigns. The 15 Steps teaches you how Daniel Rose built a multi-million dollar YouTube based business, and how you can do it too. You'll learn how to create great ads, how to manage them in Google Ads, how to build a great YouTube sales website and much more.

YOU can be a YouTube Star! How to Start, Run, and Grow a Successful YouTube Channel Gaming, Vlogging, Lifestyle, Beauty, Business: Find Your Brand, Work the Algorithm, Gain Subscribers & MAKE MONEY. The book covers all aspects of starting a YouTube channel from account creation, to branding, to marketing, promotion, and subscriber growth.

How to make money on Youtube by uploading videos?

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