How to Make Money

How to Turn Your Painting Skill into a Money Machine?

Have you ever wonder why are there so many tutorials on the internet to learn how to paint an specific character or theme? How can you turn the wheel in your favor an start earning money from all those painting and drawing tutorials? Well, today is your lucky day, because I'll teach you exactly all you need to get started.

   The Right Mindset
   The key to success is not in what you are learning, but what you do with the knowledge you acquire. That been said, you just need to learn how to draw and paint one character and start working with that in many fields. Find the one you feel more confident with and lets start selling it. Don't quit if at the begging isn't as easy as we think it would be; the practice will make the different, and the experience will guide you to bring the best from you.

    A Living Example
   I'm posting on my youtube channel how to pop art where my students will learn how to draw and paint three Marilyn Monroe Pictures. Once my students learn …

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