How to Growth Your Audience Faster?

by Violeta León

     The dream for website owners is to drive traffic constantly; have people coming back to get to know you and connect with the content you post. Engaged and loyal readers is all we want. Why? because a returning visitors will upgrade your conversion rates and will implies they like you. You’ve built enough trust to break the “trust barrier,” and now your visitors will be ready to become a fan and give you their email or even better, to buy a product you recommend. 

    Is there a tool that can help me built my audience faster? That's when link targeting come into the game. According to Serge Salager from link retargeting allows you to take your content, social, email, or even AdWords marketing farther. To put it simply, link retargeting is just like traditional ad retargeting. The key difference is that instead of having to send customers to your site, you can display retargeted ads based on the link they click. And it can be any link – not just to your website.

   Also, Serge Salager on his article What is Link Retargeting? answered the most important questions of all: How do I know if my link retargeting campaign is working? here is what he said:

    "There are three key metrics we use to determine whether a link retargeting campaign is working. They are: link clicks, ad clicks, and conversions. We’ve included some steps here to show you how to measure these metrics.

 Step One – Measure Your Link Clicks 
   Make sure your link retargeting campaign is reaching your target audience. Emails, online articles, social media posts, newsletters, press releases, and even Google AdWords are all ways for you to share your short links. 

   If you’re just starting or are looking to reach out to more targets, we recommend using RetargetLinks as a prospecting tool. You can do this by boosting posts on social media channels, or paying for ads in Google AdWords. 

   Then, you can tell if your campaign is working by looking at the number of link clicks on your Links Dashboard (see below). 

Pictured above is the Links Dashboard> Here, you can monitor the efficacy of your audience building (or number of cookies dropped) for each campaign. 

    If you’re sharing the right content to the right audience on the right channels, you’ll have a lot of clicks. The example you’ll see next is from a campaign run by the team at Traction Conference. As a result of their RetargetLinks content campaign, they had 85,138 clicks (58,296 unique) from 873 links shared via their email newsletter (direct), Twitter and Facebook pages.

Step Two – Measure Your Ad Clicks 

   The second indication to help you measure your campaign is to look at the number of ad clicks on your Ads Dashboard. See below the example from our friends at Traction. 

Shown above is the RetargetLinks Ads Dashboard. Use this to monitor the efficacy of your retargeting link ad campaign. 

    When you display relevant and compelling banner ads, you’ll catch the attention of your targets and encourage them to click to find out more.

    Helpful tip: banner ads are most effective when they have consistent branding, simple messaging, a clear call-to-action (CTA), and even some element of animation. 

   In the above example, Traction Conference managed to display 161,340 retargeting ads to most of the 58,138 people that clicked on their short links. Out of those, 422 people clicked for a 0.26% click-through rate. Note that this is three times the 0.10% average for banner ad performance! 

Step Three – Measure Your Conversions 

   The final indication of performance is to look at the number of people that land on your page and ultimately the number of those that convert by purchasing your product or subscribing to your service. 

   In the case of Traction Conference, 947 people landed on the marketing page and 186 actually went on to purchase a ticket for the conference. The team was able to achieve a 20% conversion rate. Note that this is 10 times greater than a typical retargeting ad conversion rate".

   With link retargeting, you can build out your audience 500%+ faster, capture anyone who you’ve influenced online, and expand the awareness portion of your funnel to redirect people to your site at a later time. So what do you think? Are you ready to grow your audience with the power of link retargeting? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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